#vim - Sun 6 May 2007 between 00:20 and 08:44

iam8upif i made a break how do i pull that line below the cursor back up?
Heptiteiam8up: With the J command.
:help J
iam8upHeptite - gotcha, tyvm!
SAS_Spidey01is there any thing like gf that opens the file in a split window ?
deryni:help ctrl-w_f
SAS_Spidey01thanks deryni
stefanmaybe vsplit is what you want
SAS_Spidey01I rarly use verticle splits unless I need to view it side by side
SAS_Spidey01Thinking of installing Vim on my server. Just to avoid using window + multiple vi instances
tpopewhy wouldn't you have vim on your server
that's some sort of sin
SAS_Spidey01Don't want yet another system to sync my vimrc to lol
the ~50MB disk space isn't a problem though
rdecan anyone here recommend a good resource for learning the advanced stuff in vim?
...or does it just take using it consistently to improve?
rdehello okdavinci
kmeyerwhen you do :%s/// replacements in vim, how do you reference the bit of text that is to be replaced
:%s/.*/<li><a href="\1">\1<\/a><\/li>/ is what I have atm
(I'm trying to replace each line with a link to that)
deryniYou need to actually capture the text in the pattern.
deryni:help \(
iveqyhow do I replace something with a newline? like s/M/\n/g
deryni:help sub-replace-special
iveqyderyni: thanks
iveqyderyni: the help said to use \<cr> (typed as ^M), but that did not fit my purpose at all. Instead it should be only <cr> (typed as ^M). Did I misread, or is the help unclear?
deryniBah, that might not have been the help I meant.
iveqyderyni: maybe not, but it helped me to do what I needed :)
deryniNo, that was what I meant, nevermind.
Look at the help more carefully.
Specifically at <CR>, \r, and \<CR>
iveqyderyni: okej, I will.
okdavincihi,how to use vim started as a normal user to edit a file owned by a root?

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