#vim - Fri 18 May 2007 between 00:03 and 00:56

hacostahi, it's me agian, i used to have a setting in my vimrc that allowed the colorscheme background to be used instead of my terminal background
i can't remember it
xenoterracideset background=dark
hacostawee! thanks
xenoterracideor light ;)
sanmarcoswhy cant I do >> (indent) on lines that start with # ?
(cindent is on and treating them like preprocessor lines)
cp1134in a vim script how would you get the current line in a file?
i want to assign the current line to a variable to do some tests on it
frogonwheelslet myval = getline('.')
jcreigh:help line()
oh, current line, not current line number
yeah, listen to frogonwheels
cp1134cool thanks guys
dhonI've installed cream on windows in order to get the latest build of vim and I can't find the command line vim.exe program
is there some option that forces gvim to launch in cli mode?
frogonwheelsdhon: you needn't install full cream - there's a skim version of the exe somewhere
dhon: not in windows (if only)
dhonyeah, I realise that would have been better now..
thought I'd check out what cream had to offer
not for me though
frogonwheelsnot me either - but the exe is good - that's the one i use
dhonmy old non-cream-vim install had a cli vim.exe
it just doesnt seem to be in the cream version
frogonwheelsmine has one.
dhon(or is it in the skim)
I'll give it a go
frogonwheelsShould be in the directory with gvim.exe
there may not be a vim.bat link to it in c:\windows
depending on how you exec it.
dhonI've got the vim70 dir in my path
frogonwheelsok - that's probably the best way.
dhon: do you have a 'which' that works?
dhonso do you have vim.exe and vim.bat?

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