#vim - Wed 16 May 2007 between 00:09 and 04:01

micahcowan:execute "set t_kP=\<Esc>[5;*~" did the trick.
calmar__hi all, what kind of options have an effect on 'line continuations'?
e.g. line 1
\ line 2
works but not always. hm
actioncalmar__ help line-continuation :)
calmar__help line-continuation :)
ehcI have django.vim and htmldjango.vim in ~/.vim/syntax/ but when I do :setfiletype htmldjango or django it doesn't do anything. I am running vim through ssh.
these are the files http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1487
ska-fanThere's :TOhtml that uses 2html.vim; is there a 2ansi.vim that gives me a text file with ansi escape sequences for colors?
raf256I have line:
foo {a1} bar {b1}
and second simmilar line
how to duplicate them 20 times, replacing a1 with a2 a3 a4 a5 and so on
Sonarmanis there a command that inserts a new line with entering insert mode, i.e., o<ESC> or o<ESC>j...?
tpopeSonarman: I have maps for that
it's a pretty common need
nnoremap <silent> ]<Space> :<C-U>put =repeat(nr2char(10),v:count)<Bar>'[-1<CR>
nnoremap <silent> [<Space> :<C-U>put!=repeat(nr2char(10),v:count)<Bar>']+1<CR>
it's complicated because it lets you use a numeric argument
Sonarmantpope, many thanks
actionsomian envisions Sonarman vs battlesquid and buys front-row seats
somianenvisions Sonarman vs battlesquid and buys front-row seats
... aboard the USS Intrepid, of course ;-)
Sonarmanthe manatees always win
somian:-) !
ska-fan: not that I know of! It may be something that is fairly trivial to do, or may not.
tpopesegy: is the rails stuff for rubycomplete.vim broken on 7.1?
MetaCosmtpope, again -- thanks :)
tpope, got a guy converted to vim cause of your scripts :)
I just discovered ruby << EOFRUBY style highlighthing is broken with vimscript in vim 7.1 :(
he saw me do GF when pair programming :)
that was it
somianThat sounds ... really kind of bad ;)
Paris Hilton bad.
gf to open other files :)
sillyl bastard

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