#vim - Mon 9 Apr 2007 between 00:14 and 00:52

cosmodadanyone here managed to get inverse search with vim-latexsuite working? I added -src-specials but yet it's non-working
still get the "no source specials in this DVI file" error
actioncalmar does not use the latex-suite anymore. he just writes his stuff..
calmardoes not use the latex-suite anymore. he just writes his stuff..
cosmodadwhy did you quit?
and another thing: when I use the Makefile in my latex project by typing make, it works fine... if I use :make, however, latex turns interactive. What's the reason?
calmarcosmodad: ok, i'm no latex professional. I'm just happy with the defaults for editing latex files.
cosmodadcalmar: I didn't know there were defaults
calmarcosmodad: ah well, vim defaults ;)
al-cosmodad: is there an error in the file?
calmarcosmodad: what does set makeprg? say (wondering if I recall that correctly :))
cosmodadal-: nope it runs fine when I use the make file directly
makeprg=latex -interaction=nonstopmode $*
i use latex suite
so i can't really help
calmarset makeprg=make might solve that. dunno
cosmodadcalmar: if that's the same as !make, it does
cosmodadal-: me too, actually, but \ll doesn't seem to be working due to the makefile
cosmodadcalmar: but that won't support vim's quickfix stuff I suppose...
al-: btw, can you use \ls?
calmarcheck it out
cosmodadcalmar: like trying?
calmarif it supports quickfix
setting makeprg=make
cosmodadcalmar: nope :(
calmarcosmodad: oh. well
cosmodadgotta live with it
calmar\ll \lv is for latexing and viewing the stuff, just in case iirc
cosmodadcalmar: it is and \ls is for searching
calmar: requires to add a switch to latex however
calmari see
cosmodadbut it's not working here
xdvi keeps complaining
calmar: I might just stick to vim's latex skills as well, haven't taken a look at it
calmarcosmodad: well, it gives you nothing really, it's just me who is happy with it
I persoanlly need no help with latex in the form of a suite
cosmodadcalmar: I'm not a latex "power user" so it might be fine
calmar\ll \lv I used quite often so. hm

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