#vim - Sun 8 Apr 2007 between 06:36 and 06:57

sidri am not able to imap any of <S-CR>, <C-CR>, <A-CR> although I am able to imap <CR>...any ideas?
shlsidr: I can not map them either. not even with gvim. guess it's not possible
sidr: the way to find out what vim thinks about the key you pressed, you go to insert mode, press Ctrl-V followed by the key combo.
sidr: in this case vim thinks all key combos are simply <cr>
sidrshl: several tips on seem to suggest these key combos
shl: i didn't know the Ctrl-V trick, thanks!
sidrshl: let me find some
xinming_How to exchanged the 2 window please?
which shortcurt for exchanging the window
sidrshl: look in "Customising" section of http://wiki.rubygarden.org/Ruby/page/show/VimRubySupport
shlxinming_: you mean ctrl-6 ?
shlxinming_: or do you have windows on the left and right, and you want to move to the next one?
sidrshl: thanks for the help, i need to rush out, bye
shlVImtermute: greetz is with a z ;)
sidr: catch ya later
VImtermuteshl, :>
i'm not 31337 enough ;)
shlVImtermute: happy Easter to you
xinming_shl: I mean, I use :sp to split 2 windows, I wish the above one located in lower window, and vice versa.
shlxinming_: go to top window, press Ctrl-W J
xinming_shl: I know we can swith them one by one, But I just want to know if there is a shorcut
shl: thanks
shlVImtermute: I think you are the third person in #vim that I /whois that also is in #japanese/#nihongo
VImtermute: I wonder why that is?
VImtermute: computer geeks --> anime --> japanese?
shlah, perhaps.
how do you keep up with so many channels at the same time?
VImtermutenot all are active
Eclipserso many?
shldoes vim qualify as active?
VImtermuteyea :)
shl/whois eclipser *eek*

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