#vim - Thu 5 Apr 2007 between 01:02 and 07:47

slack[er]I love vim but I noticed it doesn't handle files without line breaks very well
frogonwheelswhat would you like it to do?
slack[er]I was in a file ~500k and did a search/replace that deleted all the end-of-lines and it locked up the computer for around 3 minutes and when it got done it was using 1 gig of ram and 1 gig of swap. I have to admit it put it all back when I exited but it just really suprised me.
I guess I should have mentioned i only have 1 gig of ram and swap, it maxed it out
frogonwheelsProbably to do with the undo buffer more than anything. that's a lot of changed lines.
slack[er]makes sense, it was around 80,000 lines
i just thought it was an interesting result
frogonwheelsSometimes you have to disable undo if you are doing big operations on really big files.
slack[er]thanks, i'll try that next time.
Ori_Bhm, is there any way to prevent vim's searches from being greedy?
\amethystOri_B: :help {-
\{-} instead of *, \{-1,} instead of +, \{-,1} instead of ?
it will still start as early as possible
\amethystalso check the output of fluxbox
silisometimes while trying to enter a command, screw up, and a command history opens up. what triggers this? also, what's it called so I can find it in the docs :)
rjbssili: "q:"
silihehe, thanks
AmirMohammadIs it possible to split window using Vim's python interface? I didn't find anything in :help and the vim.eval doesn't work too :/
actually Vim's window object doesn't have many methods/properties
I was in hope to overcome this using ``vim.eval("split FooBar")`` but no gain
Ori_BAmirMohammad: I've never tried using the bindigns.. but maybe you want to look at the buffer object?
AmirMohammadOri_B: hmm, not sure if buffer object could be a right place to digg into, as I'm not going append anything to current buffer, just going to split the window and work in another buffer
shehjartAmirMohammad: http://www.vim.org/htmldoc/if_pyth.html#python-windows
but then i think it could be possible to create a new window by adding another window object to the vim.windows sequence
then again, i havent tried it, so i am not sure if adding a new window in python will be reflected in the UI
AmirMohammadoh, I've to use vim.command instead of vim.eval, so sorry for flooding
anyway thanks Ori_B shehjart
shehjartAmirMohammad: what are you trying to do with vim-python btw?
AmirMohammadshehjart: writing a client for twitter
I wrote severl Vim plugins, but never used the bindings, it's my first attempt
xeladosHow do you get rid of ^M's at the end of each line and convert back to Unix format? I remember a quick command or two that could do it..
sekxelados, check www.vim.org on tips, it's one of the popular ones
xeladosOh, it is? Alright.
Awesome, found it. I'll start checking the site next time I need something.
Hmm, I'm having trouble understanding the * register in this tip: http://www.vim.org/tips/tip.php?tip_id=984
I just want to be able to yank text into X's clipboard

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