#vim - Wed 4 Apr 2007 between 01:23 and 02:58

yxahow can I find search for a string, delete that whole line and 5 lines below it?
manu_hackyxa: write a macro?
or just record it
:h q
rb007I like the desert theme, but I don't like the green highlight color. Is there a way to change just the highlight (visual) color to orange?
does anyone know how to change the color of the visual highlight on the desert theme? Or a tutorial on how to make a new color scheme?
praetiscopy the theme to a new file in the same directory under a different name, and then change whatever you want about it
that directory being ~/.vim/colors
rb007praetis: thanks... I just found that directory. Can I put my new theme in ~/.vim/ somewhere, or should it go in /usr/wherever
this is great... just getting vim down to where it is great
praetistype :hi to see all the entities you can highlight
rb007praetis: thanks
praetisyep, I for one appreciate how easy it is to make custom syntax files
rb007I like desert, except for the green highlight
what would cause vim to detect .tex files wrong?
i have the vimLatex package
some .tex files it opens fine
others, it opens like it has no idea its a latex file
there seems to be no discernable difference between the files that work and the files that don't
vimguyam i lagged?
\amethystdaveBSD: what does :set filetype on a non-functioning file say? plaintex?
vimguynon-functioning file?
daveBSDill check
ya it says plaintext
err.. plaintex
the working ones say tex
actionvimguy starts to nod off
vimguystarts to nod off
daveBSDhmmm, my files don't contain enough keywords for it to decide properly i guess
sleep tight, dont let the bedbugs bite
vimguythx dave
i'll dream of magic files
\amethystdaveBSD: still here?
vimguycould it be dave went to sleep at the keyboard?
daveBSDi fixed it

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