#vim - Tue 3 Apr 2007 between 02:12 and 00:30

LordBrainunless it doesn't fully match
jzxuwell the thing is it gives you a huge list to choose from when there's several matches, kind of annoying
sorry, I'm picky
LordBrainoh i see
jzxu, well i can't find anything, but you could set the tag file to a new one which only has tags for the current file
as a last resort...
jzxuLordBrain, yeah, that's what I'm thinking.
thanks for looking though, I really appreciate it
LordBrainmight even be able to form the new file with a grep.... not sure how sophisticated the format is
jzxuLordBrain, I'm thinking I can just add some directives to my vimrc to automatically generate a temporary tags file everytime I open a file
SAS_Spidey01Does any one know a monospaced font where ',' and '.' are fairly hard to mistake for one another after a few hours?
Chap00lin"Monospace 11" is a good one
in Linux
SAS_Spidey01Looks good
jzxuSAS_Spidey01, terminus is a good one
SAS_Spidey01monospace and 'fixed' look oddly the same actually
Googling about terminus, sounds interesting so far
yurikssyn keyword cImportant contained !!!
I have that in my syntax file and it doesn't works (doesn't seems to match)
it works if I replace !!! with anything else
do I need to escape !!! or something?
jzxuyuriks, http://www.vim.org/htmldoc/usr_44.html#44.2
look under "Unusual Keywords"
yuriksjzxu: ah, ok, thanks
but now that I think of it, !!! isn't a very good ideia, I'll make this nifty /!\ warning thing =]
maybe underline it, hurhurhur
how can I "copy" the setting of a group to another?
I want Important to be exactly like Error, but underlined
jzxuyuriks, :he hi-link
yurikshi link Important Error
hi Important term=underline gui=underline
jzxu: like that? it's not working
TMH_i am using this code in my .vimrc
if %:p:h == "/home/steve/tc"
jzxuyuriks, hi link Error Important
I don't know why it's flipped
TMH_there is an error being triggered on that line, but it doesn't tell me what
oh, it is saying $:p:h is an invalid expression

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