#vim - Sat 28 Apr 2007 between 00:07 and 00:42

bytecolorwhat kind of spell checking is available to vim?
Xenguybytecolor: version 7 has it
bytecolorspecifically, for when writing a DocBook
ah? might have to install it, been wanting to anyway
Xenguybytecolor: RTFM I guess ;-)
bytecolorheh, nod :)
Zathrusthere's a plugin/script for 6, but 7's is better
bytecolorwell, lets see if I can hose my dapper box...
CPUnerdanyone knows how I can read only the first like.. 10 lines of a file ?
not load the rest of the file (after 10) into buffer ?
manuhack_hi, anyone here uses the c++ omni complete http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1520
bytecolorCPUnerd, there is the 'head' command on unix/mac that you could wield
I use it all the time to read header from previous files :r!head -c 10 file
may be a vim cl option, dunno
bartel:10r <filename>
that's an ed range selection, no?
barteldunno, sounds right
manuhack_I install that script, but cant get it work for STL as in the screenshot
CPUnerdcool thanks
the thing is I cannot load the file itself
ah sorry stupid comment
:10r filename gives me invalid range
argh found an article 10 minutes ago for emacs how to do it, but I refuse.
I closed and cleared my history.
bytecolorhrm, yeah 10r fn looks like it 'insterts' the contens of fn at the 10th line
barteloh, i thought that's what he meant
doh, nm
it's actually
bartelbytecolor: i like you :r!head -c 10 file method now
CPUnerdr!head -100 filename
not -c 10
bytecoloryeah, -c is bytes, sorry
went a little crosseyed :)
argh, that only reads the first something lines..

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