#vim - Mon 23 Apr 2007 between 06:18 and 09:01

\amethystian_: so pressing ^[[27;2;13~ is just like pressing <Shift-CR>, and will trigger whatever Shift-CR is mapped to
This is very xterm-specific, btw :)
ian_yeah, i'm putting it in my if &term =~ 'xterm' stuff
daniel\amethyst: Neato, thanks for your insight
\amethysteven things that claim to be xterm-compatible in the TERM string often don't support it
daniel(I don't use xterm, tho)
\amethystbut it won't hurt anything to have the mappings on those terminals, since they'll never generate those escape sequences anyway
ian_\amethyst: that map command you gave me doesn't seem to work
\amethystian_: you can't paste it directly
ian_i didn't.. i did ctrl-v shift-enter
\amethystDid it show up as ^M or as an escape sequence?
\amethystwhich modes do you want this in?
ian_ah, yay.. did imap
\amethystian_: :map! instead of :imap if you want it on the command-line too
_6ii9_how to turn off or redefine the "Leather" character?
I am typing a LaTeX document and wainting two seconds after every "\" has been really annoing..
I meant "Leader", not "Leather" :)
etlet mapleader = "`"
(has to be done before the mappings are defined)
_6ii9_you mean in .vimrc?
etfor example, yes
_6ii9_it doesing seem to be working
I'll check /etc/vimrc
spiiph.vimrc is sourced after /etc/vimrc
_6ii9_actually, in my system it was /etc/vim/vimrc
great!! it work!
I'am so happy
thanks et and spiiph
spikecalmar: about that thing we were talking last night, highlighting python/lang specific stuff differently, :he tag-highlight
calmarspike: yeah. then you would need to add the colors for "Tag"
into the theme.
spikemah, I still dont get the "statement" group
:he highlight-groups does list it
but I havent got vim7 here, only 6.4
so that might be a new thing
calmarspike: I don't have it either :)
calmarI guess i delete it therefore from the theme. hm
spikecalmar: 'cause maybe it's supposed to look different, but then there's no "statement" so it looks like "normal"

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