#vim - Fri 20 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:44

klingonCan I yank text across two different vim sessions?
Say in konsole I have 2 tabs and each tab has a different file opened through vim
frogonwheelsyou got clipboard access?
tecnicoI use :split or :vsplit and yank works across those
frogonwheelstry using register * or +
Chap00linwhich release is the stable latest?
klingonfrogonwheels, I have full axx but I doint know how to enable the clipboard
pmcnabbklingon: yes, yank into "*
frogonwheelsklingon: "*y
klingonpmcnabb, forgive my ignorance but what does the command look like?
pmcnabbto copy the current line, do "*Y
klingonI have 17 lines I want to copy
err *17yy?
frogonwheelsklingon: "*14yy close
klingonah got it
frogonwheels" = register
pmcnabbthen to paste in the other file, do "*p
klingonoh no, this isnt working..
frogonwheelstry "+
klingonpmcnabb, you type that command in the prompt ? :
Cause doing that just brings me to line 17
pmcnabbklingon, not at prompt... just in command mode
frogonwheelsit's actually yanked into the register - or tried to.
then "*p in the other file
pmcnabbyes. you can see your register values with :reg
you should see the text in there
klingonHow do I clear registers
frogonwheels:let @*=''
one at a time.
mindwarphi, just one quick question. i'm reading the docs and trying to figure it out, but it would be helpful if anyone was able to give me a tip: how do i tell vim to word wrap at 72 columns? thanks!
frogonwheels:set tw=72
mindwarpfrogonwheels: thank you
that won't persist, right? i assume i'd put the same thing in .vimrc to make it default?
frogonwheelsThere are some formatoptions involved as well.
mindwarp: Exactly
mindwarpcool, thanks a lot
pmcnabbi love how there's always more to learn about vim

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