#vim - Mon 2 Apr 2007 between 00:01 and 00:51

manveruoh, got it i think
C-k a: =>
thx anyway :)
Nyoxiyou're welcome :)
gnuvinceOoh, digraphs!
Nice, I never knew aboutthose
in screen it works over C-a C-v a:
i got japanese keyboard/layout here, so it's a bit difficult to write german :)
Nyoximichaelr: you can use :digraphs to get the list of available digraphs (in case you haven't find that one too alrady)
gnuvinceI did
Is there a way to insert the output of that command?
Like :r :dig
Nyoxi:he :redir
actionNyoxi hits the desk with his forehead tiwce by an accident and realizes it's time to sleep
Nyoxihits the desk with his forehead tiwce by an accident and realizes it's time to sleep
rahi, is there a way to get vim to hilight parts of files in another language? I have GLSL code inside strings and it'd be nice if that could be hilighted
ksoolHey all, can anybody tell me if it's possible to integrate aspell with vim (with highlighting of mispelled words)?
pjd_ra: you can, using syn include
ksool: Vim 7 has a builtin spell checker
ksoolpjd_, know where I can find the docs for it? Had trouble finding them.
rapjd_: i don't have a clue how to do that :(
pjd_ksool: :h spell :)
raand.. from a little searching it looks like that'll affect all strings, I just want certain ones
pjd_ra: http://programming.reddit.com/info/18el6/comments/c18tnk
raah, thanks
pjd_there's an example of monkey-patching Ruby strings to highlight SQL
you can use that, or more permanently, modify the main syntax file of your language
ksoolpjd_, thanks :)
pjd_it might take some fiddling to get it working how you want, depending on the syntax definitions you're working with
raI'm guessing making it work with some vim directives inside a comment to tell it the next string is some other language would take a good amount of scripting?
pjd_it might
well, probably not much
mattt_anyone else gettin busted link all over the vimfaq?
TMH_hi. I'm looking at these .file.swp files that vim makes, and I'm wondering what practical purpose they serve
ragah, I can't even get the monkey-patcher thing to work :/
dipnlikTMH_: if another occurrence of vim tries to edit the same file, you'll get a warning
raI just tried..
syn region pythonRawString matchgroup=Normal start=+[uU]\=[rR]"""+ end=+"""+ contains=@glsl

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