#vim - Tue 17 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:13

pkruminspsykidellic, i tried windowsize and it gave an error, columns & lines worked.
and to change font in gVim, set guifont
i prefere tiny Lucida console 8pts
what fonts do you use?
is there a way to reload the vimrc / gvimrc w/o quitting gVim?
frogonwheelsyou can :so it
but that doesn'thelp if you've commented stuff out
Suppose I create a few tabs, are there any default shortcuts to switch between tabs?
SAS_Spidey01replce tags with spaces ?
frogonwheelspkrumins: ctrl+pageup and ctrl+pagedown
pkruminsAlso, do you know a shortcut for creating a new tab? I currently type :tabnew
gonna change ctrol+pageup and ctrl+pagedown to ctrl+h and ctrl+l as analogy with arrow keys h l to move to the left and right tab
frogonwheels<c-w>T takes the current buffer to a new tab
:help tab-page-commands
SAS_Spidey01: you mean :set expandtab :retab
psykidellicpkrumins, not windowsize but winsize
pkrumins, winzize work for gVim running on Mac OS X here
SAS_Spidey01wow, never knew about retab. Always used 1,$s/<tab char>/<spaces wanted>/g
pkruminspsykidellic, oh.
frogonwheels, thanks reading that.
one more question, what shortcuts are to fold/unfold?
frogonwheelsif you use my smarttabs script http://vim.sourceforge.net/scripts/script.php?script_id=231 it has a version of :Retab as well :)
psykidellicdoes anybody know what would be the equivalent of <save as>??? :o newfile creates a new blank file
SAS_Spidey01:he fold-options
pkruminsi watched a video lecture on Vim by its author @ google tech lectures and he suggested to check where you spend your time and if you notice you are repeating same thing over and over again then look up and use a shorter version for the same action.
SAS_Spidey01, thanks
psykidellicfrogonwheels, thanks...how absurdly simple!
frogonwheelspsykidellic: :saveas - combines :f <fname> and :w
:f just renames the buffer but doesn't write it.
psykidellicfrogonwheels, aaah. thanks
frogonwheels:w <Fname> just writes it to the new file but doesn't change the buffer
:w %.copy
very useful
pkruminshow do I map CTRL-h to :tabp command?
no matter what mode i am in
i'd like CTRL-h to switch to the previous tab

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