#vim - Sun 15 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:12

yuriksE518: Unknown option: t_K8
\amethystWhat about :set term ?
yuriksnone of the keypad buttons work actually
they produce newlines and some rando character
which is true
and screen under putty
frogonwheelssomebody mentioned that it's a problem with termcap vs terminfo libraries.
yuriksset to XTerm R6 style keypad
tagSo I'm experiencing this strange behavior, when I fire up vim it takes a really long time to get going. I hit ^C and it complains about ICE
ICE default IO error handler doing an exit(), pid = 8094, errno = 4
yurikstag: vim -X iirc
tagnow if I remove ~/.ICEauthority, this issue goes away...but it comes right back.
\amethystSounds like the screen terminal description isn't describing the keypad codes
yuriks\amethyst: either that or screen just passes-thru the keypad codes
lemme check
tagyuriks: but, I don't really want to prevent it from connecting to X. I'd like to figure out instead why it's having trouble.
thoratyuriks: but you said that the keypad worked in the shell, right?
yurikstag: ah, I thought it was the same problem I was having a while back when running on a headless box, no ideia then
thorat: in the shell and irssi
and apparently keypad 5 is always ^[Ou
so screen isn't just passing-thru the keypad
tagI'm not running a headless box
I've got a few other things hanging, I think it might be related
thoratyuriks: I've heard this before about vim+screen. Maybe vim sets terminal attributes differently than the other programs and screen is not emulating correctly.
nobody had a solution when I saw this discussed here a while back
yurikshmm =|
\amethystyuriks: does :set <kMultiply>=^[Oj fix multiply? (type ^[ as Ctrl-v Esc
yuriks\amethyst: yeah, it does
\amethystWhat does :echo has("terminfo") say? 1 or 0?
\amethystwhat's the size and date of your /usr/lib/terminfo/s/screen (or if it's a symlink, of the file it points to)?
and what OS/distribution is this?
thoratyuriks: what if you run vim with TERM=xterm or rxvt?
\amethysterr, that's /usr/share/terminfo/s/screen
thorat: that will probably fix it, but cause problems with keys for which screen changes the keycodes
\amethysts/keycodes/escape sequences/

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