#vim - Sat 14 Apr 2007 between 19:47 and 19:55

hacimerr, sorry
Seshetathorat: out of curiosity, how long have you been using vim?
thoratsince '99
thoratand you? ;)
Seshetatwo weeks.
xenoterracideheh, I've been using for maybe a year
hacimdoes anyone know where I need to install ft plugins sitewide on debian
Seshetahacim: /usr/share/vim/vim70/ftplugin/ it is on my one and only debian machine
jazzrockeri've been using vim since about 02 i think
hacimSesheta: yeah, there is also /usr/share/vim/addons
Seshetathorat: strangely enough, I've been a Unix person for ages ('95 or so) but never got to learn vim. Shame on me, I know.
thoratI started in '99 but had a very good mentor
Seshetahacim: that sounds more generic. As soon as 7.1 is around...
thorat: good teachers rock.
thoratso I made all the right decisions, vim, debian, windowmaker
xenoterracideI had to learn vim a little bit before but never had the patience... had a good linux teacher though
then one day I decided I needed more power
than nano
window maker?
Seshetathorat: for me it was <that editor not to be named>, Slackware, Windowmaker
xenoterracidefluxbox ftw
thoratactually, my mentor was an awk, shellscript kind of guy, so I had to find Perl by myself
SeshetaThese days: vim, Gentoo, OPenBox.
spiiphSlackware owned.
Seshetaspiiph: yeah, but its package management feel way behind the curve eventually
You can only live so long without a package manager
Seshetashame, though.
spiiphI found installpkg a lot easier to live with than dselect though.
Seshetaapart from pkg mgmt, Slackware was very nice. Not necessarily kind, but nice :)
thoratmaybe I'll switch to Berly one day. Or xmonad or dwm
xenoterracidespiiph there are 10M windows user that don't think so
xenoterracidebut then again they don't know what a package manager is
Seshetaspiiph: dselect should be shot.
beryl crashed my wm the last time I tried to use it
spiiphSesheta, agreed. I'm in love with apt-get though, and emerge is also very nice.

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