#vim - Fri 13 Apr 2007 between 00:34 and 02:54

gnuvince_tsb: viwp
htaccessare y and Y equivalent in normal mode?
actionhtaccess wishes Y worked like 'D' and 'C'
htaccesswishes Y worked like 'D' and 'C'
frogonwheelshtaccess: Y (cause of a bad spec in the original vi ) is the same as yy
normally people map Y y$
it used to be an 'option' in vim - but the map is so simple that is was deprecated.. and I agree.
htaccessif i map it will it simply override the old meaning?
frogonwheelshtaccess: yep indeed.
htaccessfrogonwheels: cool, thanks, ill do that
SAS_Spidey01I never thought about maping some thing to y$
frogonwheelsSAS_Spidey01: by rights, Y should be the same as D - but it aint
tsbgnuvince: hey, cool. thanks :)
vdvhi all
SAS_Spidey01mm 80x25 konsolecramped into a 68x40 gvim just for a DVD +S
vdvif i press enter on a file in vim's explorer, how can i make this file opened in a splitted buffer?
frogonwheelsyou type o instead
vdvit opens new buffer
want to open in an existing one
Zathrus1vdv: that's non-sensical.
if you mean you want to open it in an existing window, I don't think you can.
(an existing split that is)
vdvis it imposible?
Zathrus1no, you can script it. It's just not trivial.
vdvhey, i found menu option in gvim
Preview window browser
that's what i want, need to press 'P'
tsbHow did you turn search highlighting on off again? I want it to show up during incremental searches, but not once I start going back/forth
frogonwheels:nohlsearch temporarily
:set nohlsearch permanently
:map <F7> :nohlsearch<CR>
riciis there a way to start gvim such that it doesn't grab focus?
frogonwheelsrici: not vim specific - so it would depend on the OS
ricifrogonwheels: yeah, i'm coming to that conclusion
i thought maybe vim could be asked to not ask for focus, which would make it a vim specific question
told to not ask ...
in and amongst the zillion options vim has
tpopewell, in fvwm, there's a GrabFocusOff style
find your equivalent
ricican you set that on the command line at app startup?

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