#vim - Thu 12 Apr 2007 between 01:08 and 01:26

kisielkif they made it less troubles
\amethystseraphw: heh
seraphwbut apparently ~\vimfiles isn't in that list
so what's the command to set my home vim folder?
~/.vimrc on all other platforms
\amethystseraphw: what is on the rtp list?
seraphw~/vimfiles, program files stuff, etc.
I have my php.vim in like 15 different locations in ~/vimfiles
and it fails to load
sourcing the file doesn't work either
it spits errors
\amethystseraphw: That's the problem them :)
\amethystseraphw: what version of vim, and where did you get php.vim?
actionseraphw goes to download vim 6
seraphwgoes to download vim 6
\amethystDon't downgrade
seraphwbtw \amethyst where do I put colorschemes?
\amethyst: 6 works fine for me on linux... stands to reason it will here with this file
where vim is ~vimfiles/ for you I guess
\amethyst: lemme show you the errors when I source it
\amethysterr, ~/vimfiles/
seraphwcrap can't copy/paste
undefined variable b:optionsset
invalid expression ! b:optionsset
\amethystIs that supposed to be defined by some other script?
actionseraphw checks
standalone afaik
since this is the only script I ever run
\amethyst: http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=1120
it might depend on the older version of php syntax from vim maybe?
TheDebuggerHi, how can i change the "showmatch" colors?
What is the keyword?
seraphwI'll upgrade to the latest version of php.vim and see if that makes a difference (the syntax highlight, not the indent)
actionseraphw found a workaround
seraphwfound a workaround
seraphw\amethyst: well, yes
for sme reason now my files have lost their auto- highlighting

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