#vim - Wed 11 Apr 2007 between 00:50 and 07:18

mrflakeshey all, is there a place where I can tell vim my ssh passwords so I don't have to type them in every time i want to open a remote file?
thumbsmrflakes: lookup ssh keychains
mrflakesthanks, i'll check it out :)
iam8up|dsccan anyone tell me how to open different pains in one vi session?
you mean panes, as in windows?
in case that is what you meant, :he window
is_nullhello everybody, sorry for this FAQ, but i can't seem to figure out where the vim default keyboard shortcut configuration file is, i've searched in /usr/share/vim and a little of google and man (with search function)
kisielkis_null: there is none
is_null: the default key mappings are programmed in to vim
is_nullkisielk: oh, thank you, any idea why ?
kisielkbecause Bram decided to do it that way?
is_nulli installed a script into vim, and it intended to use Function keys, which my wm (ion) intercepts, and i am having really hard time figuring out the free keyboard shortcuts
kisielkwell capital lettters are left open
I think
or you can use mappings starting with <leader>
is_nullthank you, what do you mean <leader> please ?
nvm, docs told me
sulimois anyone familiar with using vimball? i try to :so % on netrw.vba and it creates every filename with a trailing [[[1
i just updated every filename manually, but I am looking for a longterm vimball fix. maybe it's my cpo settings?
robinkHow do I tweak the number of spaces in a tab with vim again?
:set ts?
chovyhow do i set sw and ts for ruby files only?
etchovy: edit ~/.vim/ftplugin/ruby.vim
ZaoOr put an autocmd in your .vimrc
au BufEnter *.rb set sw=9 ts=5
kisielkthe ftplugin way is the preferred way to do it these days
ZaoMost probably. My vimrc is legacy, handed down from generation to generation.
kisielkcrafted long ago
in the halls of the mountain kings
ZaoThe last rcs log message in it is from 1998 :)
DocPlatypusZao: you'll need to update it at some point for new versions of vim
ZaoI do, but the base useful stuff remains.
heh, just found if version >= 503 in it
kisielkZao: impressive
namenloshi, could anyone please tell me, whats wrong with http://nopaste.bsdforen.de/650? somehow the files wont be read...
ok, it seems, that vim can't substitute the ~ in the filename
harobedhi, are there command like mkview (but not mksession) to record current splitting and buffer ?

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