#vim - Fri 9 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 04:06

tpopeI'd also check the vim-dev list
make a post with lots of details
vim-dev has the smarter guys
softdrinktpope: how goes the font bug you were tracking down?
Britney_Spears15 000 EUR to make it work Efficiently with large files (up to 64 GB)
well ?
alright, see you later
nerve_is it possible to delete a buffer and request vi not to close the split window and instead switch to another open buffer?
frogonwheelsnerve_: switch to the other buffer first and then delete the other one
let bnr=bufnr('.')| e syntosemi.vim| exe 'bdel '.bnr
It could be put into a :command
t35t0ranyone know about this <Britney_Spears> 15 000 EUR for patching the VIM app to work with large files (up to 64GB) under Solaris 10 SPARC and X86. Any volunteers ?
nerve_haha thanks :)
t35t0rsomeone in ##c++
goldfisht35t0r: asked here a few minutes ago
t35t0rwhere's the url?
goldfishdidn't give any
only other info was, "needs to work on solaris"
frogonwheelsIt's not the first time I've seen Britney in this channel - so probably would be back
frogonwheelsThere you are 'Peter Williams' is his name.
t35t0rsounds easy enough ..whenever you page the fd is pushed
or just put a couple of kb around the part that the person is looking at
tpopesoftdrink: never really found anything
tpopefound anything to fix it
time for sleep... 'night all.
britthow can i remove blank lines? %s/^$/what-goes-here?/g
or is switch not what i want?
bentob0xmy colleague has ubuntu and got an upgrade on his vim this morning to version 7.0.164, is it a gnome-specific upgrade or will it take a while to reach KDE?
as I'm using Kubuntu
SAS_Spidey01I don't follow Ubuntu but compared to 6.06, I'd say they just finnally updated their Vi implementation to a new Vim
Ori_Bbentob0x: #[k]ubuntu, maybe?
they're the ones who package vim
actionOri_B tries to remember how to turn off the bell
Ori_Btries to remember how to turn off the bell
bentob0xsure, would make sense thx Ori_B
brittdindinx: thanks!
Ori_Bah, found it.

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