#vim - Thu 8 Mar 2007 between 22:22 and 22:39

nerve_hi, any mapping with the control-key fails for me in gvim, and vim, is there anyway to enable control-key shortcuts?
frogonwheelsThey should be allowed. What were you trying to do?
tpopethey are allowed, but you can't use them on every key
there is no ctrl-= for instance
nerve_i tried doing..
well. now it works.
I tried them for next tab
oh i know why they weren't working
i wasn't adding a <cr> to the end of the command
frogonwheelsnerve_: you can use gt for the next tab
nerve_E492: Not an editor command: gt
why is that?
frogonwheelsnot :gt
in normal mode
i see
thats great
frogonwheelsand gT previous
ekim-Is there any way I can use Vim for rich text ?
nerve_yea, i saw those on the vim site
frogonwheelsuse latex - which you can generate rich text from.
frogonwheelsor some other markup language..
ekim-Thats exactly what I want to do
frogonwheelsthere are a few around nowdays
ekim-I have been using html to format all my documents
Which works fine
But its a hack
frogonwheelsBut not designed for pages really.
ekim-No its not
Its not designed for print
but having to create a new html document if I just wanted something bold seemed a little rediculous
frogonwheelsI've even got a macro that auto-generates a html contents page :)
ekim-Really ?
ekim-is it on vim.org
Or just for you

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