#vim - Wed 7 Mar 2007 between 00:20 and 04:00

bytecolorhow would you open a file a root from within vim?
like 'sudo vim file' on the cl?
*as root
TonrenHow can I run some commands in my .vimrc ONLY if a file is of a certain type?
rjbs:help ftplugin
majdhey, is there like a vim color scheme generator?
bytecolorwhat ever do you mean?
ion_bidonthank you all; I have finished the first version of the scrit buffers search; I'll fix the bugs and upload another day
majdbytecolor, i'm trying to modify an existing color scheme
bytecolormajd, look at other syntax files
I'm not good at editing them myself, I poke around and find one I like for a particular language
majdhow do i change the background color?
i can't find an option for it
it just says =dark
SAS_Spidey01you can set background= to dark or light as far as I know
majdwell different color schemes have different light or dark backgrounds....
SAS_Spidey01I think motif/athena gvim might have a -bg option, (Ii rarly use gvim)
probably would be best to look at the colo file then
Chap00linif ~/.vimrc is a symlink, will Vim SOURCE the target file of that symlink when Vim is started up?
SAS_Spidey01man 7 symlink
tpopenot all of us have that manpage
what SAS_Spidey01 means to say is, yes, that's how symlinks work
SAS_Spidey01Well, my systems man 7 is 'Misc' hehe
tpopeyes that's standard
but documenting symlinks is not
sounds like something gentoo users might need
SAS_Spidey01my symlink(7) is dated 1994.... but I do see your point very well
Chap00linsymlinks are gentoo usage?
and why is Spidey walkin around with an eyes-shrouding overhead wedgy?
SAS_Spidey01I've never had a problem using symlinks to files with any app, except file managment tools with documented switches
wedgy? haha
SAS_Spidey01I eat manuals for breakfast...
Chap00linmi likesess ssymlinkz
.vimrc is sourced if found in ANY current working directory??
jesusphreakHello, I was trying to install a theme, and it says to place it in ~/.vim/colors/
my Mac does not allow folders with a leading .
what am I supposed to do?

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