#vim - Sun 4 Mar 2007 between 00:08 and 05:11

phrakturetpope: goofy question... are you able to configure matcher to work with something like gcc error output? I have it matching "foo.c:123" BUT the problem is finding that current directory
frogonwheelsis the current directory anywhere in the output?
phrakturehey all, I'm writing up a wiki article on Home/End key screwups (i.e. libreadline) and all that jazz... I've never had a Home/End problem in vim, so I'm wondering if anyone knows of any settings that I could point out in the case that vim fails to properly recognize these keys
similar to :h 'bs, I mean
daakuhey all - anyone know how i would do a search/replace across all open tabs? (or any command for that matter)
Xenguydaaku: :bufdo
daaku: actually I don't use tabs, but I assume that bufdo would work in a similar fashion; try a test
Xenguythere ya go
daakutabdo worked great
shlVImtermute: yo
VImtermutehey shl
what's your emacs-user bodycount for today?
shlhehe. my day just started out.
it's 10:01 AM in my TZ
icomornin' then
VImtermutewe must be in the same TZ then shl
10:01 here as well
icogood time for a question then:
does anybody know how to omit the line with fine info vim prints on the bottom of the screen
icostuff like "/etc/services" [readonly] 557 lines --0%-- (1 of 3)
I've made a script that tries to print stuff ther, but vim overwrites in some occasions
shlico: you can set that stuff with 'ruler' and 'statusline'
icothanks, let mee check..
hm yes that should do
but maybe I did not ask the right question
I don't think i want to disable it completely, merely avoiding vim to overwrite my echo.
shlico: well, that's a bit tricky, isn't it? when does your echo occur, and when is vim overwriting it? I mean: what keystroke triggers the next message?
icoI have a function triggeredy by the BufEnter command

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