#vim - Sat 31 Mar 2007 between 00:02 and 02:18

bartmanhehe, next question.
when I do system('....') and it has a trailing '\n', how do I do a chomp() equivalent in vimscript?
actionbartman uses substitute()
bartmanuses substitute()
suniuinhello, how to select all text?
rphillipssuniuin: ggVG
suniuinis there a simple way? i know 'ggVG'
rphillipsyou could map it to a key
thoratsuniuin: on Windows there might be CTRL-A
suniuinrphillips, o, thanks
rockzanyone that use cpp omni complete script knows how add to omni complete menu the entries of included files?
thoratrockz: have those files not been ctagged?
I ctag headers as well as sources
rockzsee script screenshot ... http://vissale.neang.free.fr/Vim/OmniCppComplete/ScreenShots/screenshots.htm
the guy that take this screenshot use omni complete to see all methods of vector
and when i include vector and try to do this, not happen.
thoratok, and is this a nonstandard script, do you say that?
rockzyes, it is a nonstandard script
thoratok, sorry, I don't know, beyond making sure that all files have been ctagged
actionsomian peeks back in
somianpeeks back in
rockzthorat, include files for /usr/include directory?
thoratwell, just the files you're using
I did ctags the STL a while back
and then just did :se tags+=/path/to/stl/tags
when I was using it.
just as an example
I do this for libraries I use
rockzi do this before, but it didn't work :/
thoratmaybe there was some issue with the gnu stl I had to resolve; it was a while back. You want to use omni-completion on the STL right?
thoratC++ is so funky on this level that there may be issues, I don't know
those general purpose template libraries can be messy
rockzis there not default omni complete to c++ ?
good news... cpp omni complete work with string library
thoratyes there is, I'm just not sure why it's not working for you.
ok good
LunarCrisisshl, sorry, don't know if you're still around, but I sometimes use different terminals. When I'm in urxvt, I need to use it's 88-color mode, and vim realizes this properly. However, when I'm using xfce-terminal, I want to use 256-color mode, and vim does not recognize this. Is there a way of making it work properly in xfce-terminal without ruining it in urxvt?
Like, I can tell xfce-terminal to use a given TERM value, but I wouldn't know which one to pick to suggest to vim that it has 256 colors
oh, I just discovered the xterm-256color value, this works =)

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