#vim - Fri 30 Mar 2007 between 00:02 and 01:10

mdkessOh, crap, nevermind, I put that there so backspace and delete would work properly.
Following the advice of some tutorial to have 'noremap Del Bs' and a bunch of permutations of that.
So, question 2, how do I fix the delete and backspace keys?
frogonwheelsah - sounds like there are some missing <>
usually :fixdel will do that for weird terms
other than that, you can noremap <Del> <bs>
or go futzing round with the termcap entries
:help t_kD
mdkessAh, sweet. Thanks again sir.
bnovcdoes vim have native support for project file associations? i thought i remembered reading it before but i never tried it
frogonwheelsbnovc: not sure what you mean! an example perhaps
bnovcfrogonwheels: like how IDEs like devcpp or visual studio associate multiple files into one project...say I have a project called project1 that uses file1.cpp, file2.cpp, somedir/file3.cpp
frogonwheelstheres a project.vim or some such beast lying about.
tpopethe closest vim has built-in is sessions
ojuiceyou could also put them all in a Makefile and run :make from vim
tpopewhich aren't especially useful in my mind
but may suit you
\amethystbnovc: on Unix we use directories for that :)
\amethystbnovc: also, you should read up on tags... if you build a tag file (over your whole project), you can easily jump from a function or variable name to its definition to all its uses
bnovc\amethyst: *nod* i use those now
just wondering for reference when others ask me really
i actually dont find it to be that useful myself...it would be nice if vim auto-created makefiles and had project info but that would go even farther from texteditor i suppose
frogonwheelsbnovc: Feel free to make a script.
Really it isn't up to vim itself to do all that.
bnovci'll put that on my priority list with the other 500 programs i wished existed
frogonwheelsIt's up to either a containing ide manager - or a script - both of which are in various states of devel.
\amethystr4nge: the problem it, it gets parsed as sudo command > file
bnovc{i< is pretty snazzy btw, didn't know that worked
frogonwheelsbnovc: you mean <i{ ;)
i think
bnovcfrogonwheels: yep i do
somian<i{ ... ?
tastywAnyone had trouble getting NERDTree to open folders when you press enter?
by open...i mean expand in the tree view
somianI believe that you would mistaken, if what you've asked, means that you assume the isers on this channel know what NERBTree is.
users ... NERDTree
actionbashusr forgets...
how do you use visual

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