#vim - Thu 29 Mar 2007 between 01:51 and 06:41

deadchiphow can i disable automatic creation of commented lines (for C++) ?
everytime i write a line starting with //, vim prepends that to each subsequent line
that would not be so bad yet if it wasn't doing this on pasted text as well (well not vim intenral paste but rather just text buffers using X paste)
\amethystdeadchip: It's better to paste with "*p
deadchip\amethyst: is that a key combo or command?
\amethystdeadchip: It's the p command
deadchip\amethyst: yeah i know p but how would i paste something from PRIMARY X clipboard with it??
only way is to use button 3 to paste
\amethystThat's what "* does
deadchip\amethyst: ok but then i don't know how to use it
\amethystas long as DISPLAY is set
deadchipi tried "*p at the : prompt
deadchipand as a key combo
but no dice
\amethystdeadchip: Ah well, works here in an xterm, but there are situations where it won't
\amethystdeadchip: formatoptions option is what you want
\amethystdeadchip: You probably want to do :help on that
it's what i'm doing
\amethystdeadchip: removing letter r is probably what you're after
deadchip: :noautoindent can be helpful, too, when pasting code
xakahow hightlight class name and member of C++ in some color? for example i have line "void MyClass::myMember()" - i want set red color for MyClass and blue color for myMember
I uninstalled vim-tiny b/c arrow keys, backspace and most of all syntax highlighting is not available. Then I installed the latest vim-full, arrow keys and backspace works now
but syntax hightlighting is still now enabled. : < I have always had the pleasure of highlighting at school
can someone please help me
DRM3ZCoul any one explain how I get code completion to work properly with the vim
btw i meant to say how does codecompletion works in vim
heheh before you all go asking me what properly means
*How do i use code completion with vim ?
Any one please I tried google but it is giving me a error omnifunc not set
Flat_DRM3Z: http://vim.sourceforge.net/tips/tip.php?tip_id=498

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