#vim - Tue 27 Mar 2007 between 01:26 and 01:46

rook2pawnhi may i get some vim help
Ori_Bask, don't ask to ask.
frogonwheelsrook2pawn: .. since unless everybody happens to be asleep/away, etc, the answer is usually yes/we'll try
rook2pawnyes I am working with gvim70.exe for windows, but I would like to have it save in Unix so the newline is just new line not dos style. so I put this in somewhere in my _vimrc file found in my Program Files/Vim/_vimrc "set fileformats=unix,dos" is this correct
frogonwheelsThat just affects what fileformats is read
rook2pawnargh... how may I set it so it always saves in Unix mode
frogonwheelsCertainly put the filformats in that order helps -
and note that it will always write in the same format that you read it in -
rook2pawnwhere does the gvim save the persistent settings and where does the vim save its persistant settings?
are they not one and the same?
frogonwheelsActually - I think changing the order WILL do what you want.
gvim also loads gvimrc but they both load vimrc
rook2pawn: But you understand that existing files won't be affected. YOu would have to set an autocommand
or manually type :set fileformat=unix
rook2pawnmay i not just put set fileformat=unix in the _vimrc?
frogonwheelsset fileformats=unix,dos (as you originally said)
But you have to :so the _vimrc or restart vim
rook2pawnright, problem is, when I went to the (gvim->Graphical Menu)->Edit->File Settings->File Format, it always "boldens" DOS, as if DOS were the current selected output. whereupon I want it to be uinx. Where does the Graphical Menu get its data from or is that a preset routine that the author of the GUI put in, that doesnt read setting?
frogonwheelsThat should show the current version...
rook2pawnalso, how do I change the Current working directory by specifying it in some vimrc file?
frogonwheels:set fileformat?
:cd directory should do it.
\amethystrook2pawn: cd path in your vimrc
frogonwheelsrook2pawn: Can you give me the steps to your prev problem... what I understand is:
rook2pawn: :set fileformats=unix,dos
rook2pawn: :e newfile.c
:set fileformat? (should give 'unix')
rook2pawn: :e oldmsdosfile.c
rook2pawn: :set fileformat? (should give 'dos')
rook2pawnyes I put that in a my _vimrc
wait what is :e
frogonwheelsHmm.. may I suggest you run vimtutor - won't take you long
rook2pawni did. it only showed how to navigate, change words, delete lines, basic file saving
frogonwheels:e is 'edit'
Did you have a look at the tutor from the irc page?
rook2pawnno, I didn't I figured going through the vimtutor would have been sufficient
apparently it wasn't
frogonwheelsHmm. not sure how it misses :e (kinda basic)
Ok - vimtutor DOES go through :e Lesson 7.2

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