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Nyoxiisn't " dead key? it's not of vim's interest at all then
pjd_kados: you can combine in vim using <C-K>
or you can get your environment to generate the characters; vim will accept them
for example, in X.org you can do setxkbmap -option compose:rwin
or compose:menu
to use that as your compose key
actionkados tries it
kadostries it
so I try:
but I'm pasting in the
Ori_Bkados: in insert mode:
note, you don't paste in a
kadosOri_B: I end up with a single-byte character
Ori_B: hex 0150
how do I make the double-byte one?
Nyoxi0x0150 doesn't look like single byte to me
Ori_Bkados: Nyoxi is right... 0xFF is the highest a single byte char can go
kadosI mean the combining form
for example

first one is:
<i> 105, Hex 69, Octal 151 < > 769, Hex 0301, Octal 1401
second one is:
<> 237, Hex 00ed, Octal 355
I'm trying to figure out how to produce the combining form
does that make sense?
Ori_Byes, but why do you care about the internal representation?
Nyoxiisn't composing done by writing those characters separately, one after another?
kadosNyoxi: no, I tried that
Ori_Btry swapping the order?
kadosOri_B: personally, I don't, but I'm working on collation issues in an application and it's important
or something
kadostried that too
Nyoxithen I dunno

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NY Lost Funds