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_syphilis_what is the correct way to set formatoptions when opening a new buffer of a certain type? (e.g. C++ source)
jimmygoonIn jedit If i had typed "<div>blah" and then started to type "</" it would autocomplete the tag for me, based on the one that I had previously opened... is there a way of donig that in gvim?
at the very worst, it'd take a bit of scripting
jimmygoon: a few seconds of googling brings me this: http://www.stripey.com/vim/html.html
jamessanthere's also the xmledit.vim plugin on vim.org
_syphilis_: either use a filetype autocmd or an ftplugin
jimmygoonWhat do I do with a plugin like the one Ori_b linked to.. just save as plugin.vim and put in the appropriate folder?
Ori_Bor toss it into .vimrc, or... whatever.
jimmygoonwhat is a ftplugin folder? is plugin not adequate?
Ori_Bjimmygoon: not ftplugin folder, ftplugin. file type plugin. and it wasn't directed at you.
jimmygoonbut the xmledit page mentions a ftplgin folder
Ori_Bah. FileType plugin
:help ftplugin
Actually, both provides the best solution for me :)
I don't understand what this plugin does: http://vim.sourceforge.net/scripts/script.php?script_id=39
tpope% bouncing
it comes with vim too
:runtime! macros/matchit.vim
you can press % on the opening html tag and jump to the closing one, for example
jimmygoon......... english? :P sorry
I am on my second day of vim
tpopedo you know what html tags are?
jimmygoon:O yes of course :D
tpopeso load the plugin
edit an html file
put the cursor on a tag
and press %
tpope:runtime! macros/matchit.vim
is how you load the one that comes with vim
you can put that in your vimrc
jimmygoonhow can I find out what all is included with vim so that I'm not being redundant in any way?
tpopethere's only a few plugins that come with it
most of them are just demos
tpopethis is one of the few that's really useful
jimmygoongood deal

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