#vim - Mon 19 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:25

micheneri mean, i could throw an app in all willy-nilly, but i thought it a bit more elegant to make first contact elsewise
Nyoxig'nite folks
thoratmichener: my guess would be to get Bram's attention, he's the leader, main programmer and a google employee
michenerhmmm. mmkay
Ori_Bmichener: and nothing wrong with bouncing ideas off the vimmers here.. at the very least, it'll avoid "Oh, that's already done." when you suggest your ideas.
thoratyes, of course
michenerwell, i was going to work of the SoC page where it was suggested that someone work on a better regexp engine
as in faster or as in usability?
for sure
thoratwow, that's some heavy stuff, tightly integrated into the editor, syntax highlighting etc
the reason this project bubbled to the top of the list for me is
a) I like vim
b) I'm sort of enjoying my compilers class, where we've discussed this (though not in long implementation depth)
thoratI've always wanted to integrate ocaml or ghci
michenerat least i can get my head around it
thoratwe need proofgeneral for vim
embedded ocaml would be a start, then we could embed coq and HOL-light
actionmichener has never really played with ocaml
michenerhas never really played with ocaml
thorat(but of course, that very academic stuff, but emacs has it so I get envious)
jimmygoonHow do you switch between buffers
jimmygoonNew buffer?
nevermind... ":new"
Knekk_hey, just discovered Crl-<num><num><num>: gives me a range from current position
jimmygoonWhy do my colorschemes look corrent in gvim but not in vim in gnome-terminal?
thorat:se bg=dark?
:se bg=dark

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