#vim - Sun 18 Mar 2007 between 18:16 and 18:22

rindolfMajd: just use matrix inversion.
Majd: help inv
majdrindolf, the inverse of the coefficients?
gavagai_i use screen, what's the issue?
majdtimes the constants, right?
rindolfMajd: right.
b4gavagai_, pgUp and pgDown
rindolfMajd: have you studied Linear Algebra?
gavagai_what does this say: echo $TERM
b4it transforms the case of all letters to the end of the word
majdrindolf, yeah i was multiplying by the actual variable names
gavagai_usually these issues are because you have the wrong TERM setting
gavagai_ok i may have a command to help
b4it reeds "screen" when I do it from screen, and "xterm" when I am not in screen
gavagai_but first is this on a mac by any chance?
mandriva linux
try to start the ssh connection with this command: export TERM=vt100 && ssh user@server
b4I noticed I do not have a .screenrc file..
gavagai_you can also try TERM=xterm and other stuff
b4ok I will try that
gavagai_that command solved a problem of mine that was similar but not quite the same
rindolfgavagai_: I think ssh should define an appropriate TERM.
I recall vim misbehaving when TERM was vt100.
gavagai_ok maybe, i'll yield on the details for sure. :)
rindolfSetting it to xterm or linux solved it.
b4it did not work :/
gavagai_ok try with xterm or linux like rindolf suggested
b4I will
majdrindolf, thanks
rindolfb4: xterm is if you're using an X console implementation.
Majd: you're welcome.
b4linux did not work
Im using konsole..
it was xterm before I changed it
rindolfb4: xterm should be OK.
b4: what problem are you having exactly?

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