#vim - Thu 15 Mar 2007 between 03:44 and 04:21

scroolooseOHHHHHHHH! damn it! Damn It! *DAMN IT!!*
im using gvim in ubuntu and i cant get it to stop beeping at me
ive gone :set noerrorbells and novisualbell
but its trying to psych me out
quartloscrooloose, I had this same trouble, is noerrorbells in your .vimrc?
zevvafaik vi has 3 different modes: command mode, edit mode and beeping mode
scrooloosequartlo: its not in my vimrc, i just set it after vim started
quartlodo you also :se nocompatible ?
quartlomanually? like noerrorbells?
ie.. not in your vimrc file...
scrooloosein my vimrc
i just put noerrorbells in my vimrc as well
but its still beeping </3
quartloI had this trouble, and after experiments, I found that things like errorbells, history etc.. must go after :se nocompatible, once I did that everything worked.
I don't know whether it is a bug, but I can reproduce it. That's why I offer it as advice
quartloBut perhaps it is something different with you.
scrooloosenocomatible is almost at the top of me vimrc
quartlothen it is probably something else
scrooloosei have the same problem with my computer at work (running win2k)
quartloat initial start up, do :se all
that will let you see the initial setting of noerrorbells
and lots of other things
scrooloosek, looking now
its off at startup
so is visualbell (dunno if that matters here)
quartlosoftdrink, it shows noerrorbells, and yet it stills beeps at you
there arent any other types of 'bells' is there?
quartloI am looking at that
scroolooseim getting beep if i eg press j while on the last line of the buffer
is that an error bell?
quartlodo you know about pressing ctrl-d to get wildcard matches in :h ?
quartloI'm stumped, buy earplugs :)

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