#vim - Wed 14 Mar 2007 between 00:21 and 05:29

deepbluegenehow i can setup autoindentation syntax highlighting and line number in .vimrc file?
and also background to light
can i configure vim to diff type of files.basically i will be using vim for css, xhtml, php, javascript
deryni:help filetype :help syntax :help 'number :help 'background
WaterBoundI'm having a problem with vim and colored syntax highlighting.
When I log into Fedora through SecureCRT or Putty I don't get colored syntax highlighting.. There's nothing wrong with colors in general because 'ls' still shows colors just fine, it's just vim that is giving me problems.
The only way I can get colored syntax highlighting to work is to log in as root, run screen and then su to a non-root user.
For some reason, running under screen as a non-root user works, but anything else I've tried does not.
Anyone around?
boyd_Nobody here but us chickens
snoopyHow can I refer to escape sequence in a map (in my vimrc) ?
tsbsnoopy: <esc> ?
snoopytsb: thx
im thinking of a number between 1 and 10 billion
any guesses?
try again?
sysmonkhm, 192312393 ?
sysmonkscrooloose: 0 ?
scrooloosebad luck both of you
so good
goldfishprint yes || die $!
actionsysmonk issues a perl -e "for 1..10000000000 print privmsg scrooloose : $_ ?"
sysmonkissues a perl -e "for 1..10000000000 print privmsg scrooloose : $_ ?"
scrooloosei knew it was only a matter of time b4 that happened :P
at least it wasnt written in php... THAT woulda been insulting ;)
sysmonkhmmm ....
goldfishjava -e 'System.out.println() // lol'
sysmonk<?php for ($i=1; $i <= 10000000000; $i++) { echo "privmsg scrooloose : $i ?": } ?>

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