#vim - Sun 11 Mar 2007 between 00:29 and 08:19

tagSo since I've switched to vim 7, on all of my workstations, I've had this problem where whenever a file starts with lines that start with "#", it makes the file type detection fail to work.
Does anyone have any idea what might be causing that?
deepbluegenehi.recently i came across vimrc file.it is very helpful. but i do not know where to save and what should be the extension of it.please help
Zaodeepbluegene: If you're on windows, %HOMEDRIVE%%HOMEPATH%\_vimrc
deepbluegeneZao: no im on ubuntu
unlinkthen ~/.vimrc
ion_bidonis there possible to change the appearance of the left "number" column, to put a | at the end or something ?
shlthemolester: ffs
tag: what exactly does it detect incorretly? what is it really, and what does vim think it is?
ion_bidon: not that I know of, no. you can make the background color of the number column different, so that it looks distinct though.
godlinghey, the vim help file says that !r !date<NL>-join will exec date in the shell then write it to the current buffer, then join that to the previous line. it does not, but this is what i want to do. how do I do that? :)
shlgodling: replace <nl> with <cr>
godling: actually no. you have a ! too much in there
godling: the <nl> may be correct
godlinger, my bad.
sorry, it's :r !date<NL>-join
and i get a bash error message written to my file instead
shlgodling: yeah, after reading the FULL help message, I see that it says: To insert a <NL> use CTRL-V CTRL-J.
shlyou could also use :exec "r!date" | -j
less use of ctrl :)
shlion_bidon: so if you are in gui, use :hi LineNr guibg=darkgray or in console something like :hi LineNr ctermbg=7
ion_bidonshl: thanks for the tips :)
shlion_bidon: oh cool, you're still here :)
ion_bidonyeah, sorry I wasn't there sooner
I am looking for a nice TODO list plugin; I know about todolist.vim, but it's quite buggy
if someone know any plugin for this, please let me know
shl: do you use numbers ? if yes, what's the foreground color that you use ?
yellow is the default
shlion_bidon: I don't use numbers anymore. if you compile with :make and use the quickfix window, they are not needed imho. also 40G goes to line 40. what else do you need?
ion_bidonshl: I see; I might disable numbers by default; :make works only with compiled languages ?
shlworks with anything that produces output with filenames and line numbers

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