#vim - Sat 10 Mar 2007 between 21:19 and 22:14

ion_bidonthorat: okay
ion_bidonthorat: see cursorline
thoratok, thanks
guzzlefry: ekim\: regarding PHP function completion earlier, see :h ft-php-omni
guzzlefrythorat: thanks
thorat: how do I enable that?
thoratguzzlefry: it's not that simple, first you have to run ctags on the sources you're using, then it should work
guzzlefry: learning to use ctags is well worth the effort
guzzlefryalright, thanks again :)
thoratguzzlefry: ctags + vim mops the floor with any other IDE
guzzlefrygood, that's the only reason I'd use another IDE ;-)
thoratguzzlefry: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2538831956647446078 mentions ctags and omni-completion and other cool stuff
guzzlefry: it's also here, ftp://ftp.vim.org/pub/vim/stuff/7Habits20.avi
guzzlefryI've been meaning to watch that video
thoratok ;)
guzzlefrythorat: does the ftp download have better quality?
I actually think the google videos are crappy
still images don't sharpen like they do on modern codecs
MinceRit's using flash, it can only be crap.
thoratMinceR: isn't the youtube one slightly better?
that's also flash
MinceRi don't see such a difference
to me they both suck like a black hole
i don't know why do people want to watch movies on a tiny rectangle, surrounded by animated ads and other crap
thoratMinceR: well, anyway, I don't see why they should suck, I mean turing completeness applies to flash
I once wondered if it would be easy to make Vim screencasts in Vim...
sometimes you want to share your Vim discoveries
MinceRwell, i've never seen a flash that got audio-video synch right under linux
just for one thing.
thorathmmm, have you tried the new flash plugin?
MinceRanyway, the entire flash thing is just full of suckage
i have the newest plugin ubuntu offers
(the previous version crashed opera)
it's always sluggish and it still crashes all the time, just doesn't take the browser with itself
adobe should be executed. all of them.

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