#vim - Sat 24 Feb 2007 between 00:00 and 02:20

Xenguyed-209: vim doesn't have that yet?
ed-209as a builtin? checking
actionXenguy just assumes vim has everything :-)
Xenguyjust assumes vim has everything :-)
ed-209slick as snot.. awesome
ed-209background keeps coming up black... strange because borland.vim successfully changed the background color to grey
set background=light
wait a min..
frogonwheelsed-209: You might want to check 'fileformats' as well.
It should be unix,dos or something like that.
ed-209I used dos2unix to fix those
file reports these as ASCII text.. helpful
:set background=light <-- doesn't change background color
brittany reason why visualing a block and then I # Esc doesn't work in vim for me?
when i hit <shift>i it just leaves visual mode and puts me into insert mode
ah, got it
have to use ctrl-v
ed-209probably has something to do with putty
my color issues
now to figure how to get smart-indenting to work in vim =)
:filetype indent on
I can't get vim to read a filetype out of ~/.vim/indent
reads out of ~/.vim/syntax fine
whiteghostDoes anyone know how to install the cvim.zip script?
ed-209I have a feeling something is setting my b:did_indent
hmm.. 22 startup scripts to poke through >.<
tom__hi, i was wondering if there was a way to make gvim recognize certain things that the regular shell does (like if I ran :shell from vim, instead of gvim), if there was a way to make ctrl+l work to clear the screen and not display strange box-like characters
dignansorry, had to get identified.. if anyone knows about making gvim's :shell command more functional, let me know.. thanks a lot
SAS_Spidey01:shell just launches a shell session
if ones using cmd.exe/command.com, its useless to start with compared to a *nix system (wonders about other vimplatforms)
dignanyes SAS_Spidey01: but when I hit ctrl+l in a regular xterm, it clears the screen
solid_liqwell, you can make konsole more functional for using vim with: http://code.google.com/p/konsoledcopschema/
dignanthanks solid_liq, its just not what im looking for though
im trying to make the :shell command work better from the graphical gvim version of vim
it works great in a terminal emulator though
actionSAS_Spidey01 normally has vim in one konsole tab, man pages in another, and a compile/test/debug tab
SAS_Spidey01normally has vim in one konsole tab, man pages in another, and a compile/test/debug tab

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