#vim - Thu 22 Feb 2007 between 00:27 and 03:00

manuhacktag: for me, only tex and gnuplot files dont work
jamessanwell, tex stuff changed how they detect whether you're using plaintex or tex (I guess latex or similar)
manuhackjamessan, yeah, but for me, I never used tex, so I write a tex.vim in my ftdetect myself
that's okay most of the types work
sabookysup guys, have a quick question. i have a file that begins with "\xef\xbb\xbf". all i wanna do is remove that formating
set tabexpand + retab fixed \t for me, ,but i can't figure out a way to see the \xef stuff to delete it manually, or how to save the file under a different format
nvm did it using python
bobwhoopsCan I get >> to indent in tabs rather than spaces?
frankghow do you unset list?
bobwhoops:set nolist
oops :)
wait, it is doing now, but two instead of one
I was here earlier for this, but I've realized now that I didn't quite do what I wanted
Well, ok, I'm confused with this tab stuff. This is what I want. I want to use tabs in my files, not spaces when I press tab. I want it to look like 4 spaces. If I indent, it indents by one tab. What settings should I set?
manuhackbobwhoops: do you have the vim book?
bobwhoops, :h sts to see if that's what you want
hobwhoops should be :h 'sts'
bobwhoopsmanuhack: that puts spaces into my file
manuhackbobwhoops, is that what you want? I'm not sure I understand your need
bobwhoopsIf I press tab, I want it to put a tab in my file
manuhackbobwhoops, what happens when you type tab now?
bobwhoopsit puts spaces in
tpopehe wants ts=4, but that's a bad path to go down
bobwhoopsyeah, it's what I've been using, but I've heard I shouldn't do that
manuhackso what is the best way to do it,
tpopeI say spaces all the way
tabs sound great from a theoretical perspective
but they suck in practice because people use them differently, and inconsistently
vim will act like those spaces are a tab anyways
manuhackif one wants 4 spaces of indent instead of 8, use sw?
tpopee.g., when backspacing over them
yes, 'sw' and either 'sts' or 'sta'
manuhackhow about /\t?
tpopeno, it doesn't match that
manuhackthat may cause problem though
tpopeI can't really imagine why that would be required
if you use spaces, search for spaces

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