#vim - Tue 20 Feb 2007 between 13:40 and 13:52

Zaba_is ocllaborative editing possible with vim?
gobby sucks..
rphillipsZaba_: perhaps if you used 'screen'
Zaba_rphillips, i meant like gobby but wiithout :q!
ZathrusZaba_: vim doesn't have that ability
Zaba_Zathrus, maybe any plugins?
robyjamessan: that's the one, thanks!
chovyhow do i remove double line spacing?
says \r+ not found.
samuel-veyreHello, I use the extension "viewsourcewith" for Firefox in order to edit local html files. But I don't have the color syntax. Any idea is welcome.
"viewsourcewith" uses gvim of course.
chovysamuel-veyre: set syntax enable
Zathruschovy: escape the + as a start
chovyZathrus: why's that?
Zaba_samuel-veyre, did you try to set highlighting manually?
Zathruschovy: uh, because otherwise it's a literal +?
chovystill get pattern \r\+ not found
samuel-veyreZaba_, no
Zaba_:set filetype=html or xml IIRC
chovyZathrus: is that a vim thing? + is usually a special char in regex
Zaba_xml for xhtml ;-)
Zathruschovy: :he pattern
and it dates back to vi (or, more likely, ex)
mgedminchovy: search for \n, not \r
but keep \r in the replacement part
Zaba_samuel-veyre, ^
samuel-veyre, :set filetype=html
samuel-veyreI am trying
Zaba_should work, works here if i open html file
samuel-veyreDoesn't work in my case ...
chovymgedmin: worked, thanks.
samuel-veyreeven with xml
Zaba_do you have html highlighting?
chovyso i have to replace special chars in the match part of the pattern.
:set ft=xhtml
Zaba_chovy, quite same
samuel-veyrelet me try :filetype on first :-)

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