#ubuntu - Sun 6 May 2007 between 00:46 and 00:51

justinellisonrukuartic: yes, thanks
thoreauputicjustinellison: no need - recovery mode gives root prompt by default
rukuarticok do you have the source files yet?
justinellison: more importantly, do you already know how to do this?
justinellisonthoreauputic: how do you get to "recovery mode"
rukuarticjustinellison: its in the grub boot menu
thoreauputicjustinellison: hit <esc> on boot, select recovery mode from the grub menu
xtknighthow do i configure a multithreaded kpkg (kernel pkg) make? (i.e. at -j3 to the default command line)
Tom47feisty is not recognising the mouse wheel in a usb wirelss mouse .... is there a fix?
rukuarticTormentor: Hallo :)
justinellisonthoreauputic: thanks, I've never actually tried that...isn't that a little unsecure to have that option available to easily
TormentorDoes OpenOffice have any program similar to MS Frontpage AKA Expression Web?
the_sultanbarg the whole thing is balls i dont know whats going on
usserjustinellison: yep thats unsecure
ferret_05671How do I set up lm_sensors on a Gigabyte 965P-DS3?
thoreauputicjustinellison: well, anyone with physical access to the machine can boot single user anyway
rukuarticPhysical access to any computer lets security go out the window. :P it doesn't really matter, just makes it easier for you to get back in.
usserjustinellison: but in a big world theres a password on grub too
rukuarticBIOS passwords help too
fully encrypted hard drives
rukuarticferret_05671: Hey :)
n2diyjustinellison: Physical security of the box is critical to the over all security picture.
ferret_05671oh, good, I can speak on here
Tom47Tormentor bluefish?
justinellisonthoreauputic: that's true...it just seems a little obvious...I guess anyone who would know how to harm you computer anyways would already know how to boot into so manually
meal3837blender keeps crashing GNOME, any guesses why?
debaser"When they get their hands into the computer, we're in serious problems"
TormentorTom47: What is Bluefish?
justinellisonusser: what if you forget your grub password...is there any hope?
rukuarticmeal3837: Try running blender from a terminal... it might throw errors into the terminal.
thoreauputicjustinellison: or just boot a live CD and chroot into the install on disc
Tom47Tormentor: you might also consider Nvu and Qanta Plus
debaserTormentor: it's an editor to create web pages
imbecilehey guys I accidently removed the wireless button from the panel .. i went to reinstall it and i cant find it.. how do i put it back :( ?
Tom47Tormentor: google it
thoreauputicjustinellison: there are multiple ways, as always
rukuarticthoreauputic: How do you chroot?

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