#ubuntu - Sat 5 May 2007 between 00:14 and 00:17

mneptokDolphin07`: i don't use Windows or its software. sorry.
jncosxdude: repeating questions usually yields fewer results
user01i follow these instructions http://www.howtoforge.com/ubuntu_feisty_beryl_ati_radeon it was working fine then ran desktop effects and not its all messed up
mneptokDolphin07`: you could try using a different, free tool.
usserANON12345: ftp://whom.homeunix.org/utils/pidgin_2.0.0-1_amd64.deb
crl1949Has anyone got their hands on an "official" 7.04 CD? If so, could they scan the face of it?
Dolphin07`mneptok: ok thanks anyway
Peloitsme123, do you have the sourcecode for it or what ?
ANON12345usser: will this work with the x86 version of ubuntu? thanks for the package
Dolphin07`does anyone know of any good windows virtual machines?
itsme123Pelo: I guess....
user01appartently desktop effects is beryl?
usserANON12345: oh no it wont
avoidiamHELP! So when I try to install Ubuntu, it gets stuck at 5% of "Partitions formating". THis is happened multiple times now. I'm wondering if there is a problem with the hard disk perhaps.
crl1949Dolphin07: I'm using Parallels
Peloitsme123, what's the file ending ?
jnccrl1949: just in case, http://osclab.net/px/ubuntulogojnc.svg
itsme123Well, theres lots of files.
jncuse inkscape program to edit
jpiccolohow can i speed up my servers ftp or samba file transfer speed
Punkunityhaving serious problem with messing up my xorg.comf file
ANON12345usser: do you have the x86 version of ubuntu?
ShoebHi, I typed sudo usermod -G ftpuser mark (mark is my username, and I was trying to put myself in the ftpuser group) Now it seems that I can't sudo anymore because it says I'm not in the sudoers file. But it let me do that before.. what went wrong? I can't even su - anymore!
crl1949looks like the LOL will be in the hole
usserANON12345: no, sorry, but anyway u can compile and install it like so:
ANON12345: sudo apt-get install checkinstall
Dolphin07`does anyone know of any good windows virtual machines?
jncShoeb: oh snap :(
osxdudejnc: what?
Shoebjnc, don't even tell me!
cablesDolphin07`, VirtualBox is a good free one
ANON12345usser: thanks, i'll try it
usserANON12345: then in "gaim" folder do ./configure
avoidiamHas anyone ever had freezing problems like that?....on partitioning that is
usserANON12345: then sudo make
Dolphin07`cables: thanks
FlannelShoeb: -G doesn't append by default. It resets. You wanted to add -a, which will append

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