#ubuntu - Sat 19 May 2007 between 02:22 and 02:25

PanzerMKZeden: what are you trying to do?
Dr_willisthe_giver, for most common users - thers not a lot to gain by using 64bit
rpdillonThe_Giver: I don't notice a diff but I always think "Damn it, I bought a 64 bit processor, I might as well use all 64 bits!" Hehe - its kind of silly.
drizgrl64 bit is useless
for me :)
Dr_willisNow perhaps if you were doing some major # crunching. or other heavy tasks.. perhaps it may be worth while.
boowa slight speed increase almost not noticeable
edenUm... trying to sequence DNA I guess. That's what Apple uses in their speed advertisements
rpdillonThe biggest advantage for 64 bit is if you need to address more than 2GB RAM per process...then it's killer
zilii am downloading the audacious,if it is usfull
Dr_willisFolding@home scores. :)
PanzerMKZwell what if you got more then 4gig ram
eden2 gigs of ram out to be enough for anyone.
rpdilloneden: lol
PanzerMKZforget you then
drizgrlout to be?
jsizzledrizgrl: someone on there reported fixing the problem by doing a kernel compile
PanzerMKZI just bought a board that supports 16 gig of ram
edennah.. I don't have a 64 bit machine and I understand there's not really any reason to buy on at this point.
drizgrli haven't compiled a linux kernel in years
boowzili, i hope you getting it from ubuntu repos
jsizzledrizgrl: I can help you compile if you need
drizgrlsince i ran slackware back in what...1994 probably
i don't even remember how
Dr_willisdrizgrl, neither have I
drizgrli am a freebsd guy
IcemanV9zili: sudo aptitude install audacious is what you use?
actiondrizgrl bats her eyelashes
drizgrlbats her eyelashes
rpdillonIts not bad - Debian has some helpful tools to make it easy
jsizzledrizgrl: make a channel and I'll join it so I don't have to grep all this other chat to help you
actionPanzerMKZ laughs at drizgrl/driz
PanzerMKZlaughs at drizgrl/driz
drizgrlwell i have 2.6.20-15-generic
unless there is a package with a newer kernel, i'm not inclined to stray from generic stuff
ok, you sexy beast
edenwhen you compile the kernel, its all about 'make menuconfig'

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