#ubuntu - Wed 16 May 2007 between 00:00 and 00:04

datriggdoes anyone know how to install a secondary hdd in ubuntu feisty? gparted will part and format, but the drive doesn't get mounted...
steel_ladyCatoptromancy, i'll be back in 15 min
Irishman2020_cjae: you used "VideoDownloader"?
cjaeIrishman2020_, yes
ribatejoanybody can teel me how to disable a network interface? ifconfig has ath0 eth0 lo and wifi0 ..TIA
marnanelI've just upgraded to a 2.6 kernel so I can use a USB camera. When I plug it in, udevmonitor and gnome-volume-manager both see that a camera of the correct make was connected. Yet it doesn't mount under /media or launch the photo app. I have tried this on other machines running Ubuntu and it's worked. Any pointers as to what to try next?
Irishman2020_cjae: one sec
Transienceanyone know if i can use a belkin wireless pci card with ubuntu 64bit?
SickOfWindowsvy video card is so cool that, in windows xp, it supports 2 monitors. can ubuntu do that?
Irishman2020_SickOfWindows: yes
Harpettedatrigg: hmmm i did that yesterday, and it did mount all partitions on that drive
Penguinohhkk another question... when i get my good comp up and running, does beryl support dual monitors?
FezzlerI installed Fiesty Fawn Desktop from LiveCD. Working beautifully. Now I want to network the dedicated Ubuntu box to home network with 4, sometimes 5, computers: Ubuntu, Vista Home Premium, iMac G5, iMac G3 Rev. A Bondi Blue, and sometimes Dell XP laptop. I want Ubuntu to serve as a back-up file server (simple..map to network folders on Ubuntu box). Do I do this by installing "samba" on the Ubuntu?
Irishman2020_SickOfWindows: if its nvidia, get envy for ubuntu
penguin: yes, its in the options as to how it handles it
Penguinoh excellent ^^
SickOfWindowsIrishDave Display Adapter: Radeon X850
Irishman2020_: sorry, the message above was fdr you
Harpettedatrigg: i went to Places > Computer, and navigated from there, and i could browse the partitions by just clicking away
datriggharpette: how did you get the drive to mount then...I figured it would automount...but I haven't changed the config fstab
Penguinok moar questions im addicted now. I updated to 7.04 and my ubuntu changed to edubuntu :S is this bad and can i get back to just ubuntu easily?
Irishman2020_SickOfWindows: make sure you get the ati drivers and you should be fine, i run 2 monitors with my nvidia card
Harpettedatrigg: nor did i
SickOfWindowsIrishman2020_: cool
psusipenguin: wow.. how did you manage to do that? ;)
datriggharpette: I don't see it there :(
scoobydoo28139I am on day 2 of ubuntu now ,and been around a little, 1. how or where do i find software for my tvcard?2. what is knoppix?
Irishman2020_penquin: you downloaded the wrong update... go into synaptic and get ubuntu
Penguinpsusi: noooo clue
SickOfWindowsIrishman2020_: i didn't know ubuntu is that good
cjaeIrishman2020_, can I not just add the address not just click
marnanelscoobydoo28139: knoppix is a distribution that runs off one CD, so you don't need to install it or change what's currently on your hard disk.
Penguinirishman2020: do i just select the ubuntu package?
Irishman2020_SickOfWindows: I'm pretty sure if my vid card could handle it, I could run 4
Harpettedatrigg: sorry the drive is not in my computer right now, so i can't look around
Irishman2020_cjae: checking, sorry, trying to do 20x things at once
marnanelSickOfWindows: look up "xinerama"

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