#ubuntu - Mon 14 May 2007 between 00:23 and 00:27

mister_robotobruenig: amd64 compile doesn't include any amd-specific optimizations?
budluvanj786, custozime your current theme
nj786and then budluva?
bruenigrai7, swap is such a waste, my swap is at 2.4 MB of usage right now, I wouldn't wast much disk space on that
nj786ok and then budluva?
budluvanj786, now did you download icons again? or wallpaper, or window borders or what?
nj786just icon theme
theRealballchalkbruenig: true that
bruenigmister_roboto, the amd64 version does yes, you also lose stuff like flash
mister_robotobruenig: he was asking about using amd64 on an intel chip. not a wise move
rai72.4 mb!!!!? mine is 89 megs, though I dont hear the disk moving. when I do free -m I get 1537 used 89 megs in swap. Is that strange?
budluvanj786, ok, goto the icon tab again, click install, and navigate to where you downloaded the .tar.gz and click on it, then click OK
nj786i got it
bruenigmister_roboto, oh I thought he was talking about the AMD chip
pete_does anyone know how I can fix a problem with gnome-sessions-properties from the command line? I made a change to the gnome-sessions-properties and now gnome will not start...
budluvanj786, now can you see it in the list?
nj786thank you indearly soo much budluva
mister_robotobruenig: core duo
theRealballchalki use onlly 7% of my swap
budluvanj786, no problem
nj786yes budluva, thank you
budluvanj786, good luck and have fun
theRealballchalkand it's 2259MB dedicated
nj786is there another way i can contact you if you are not on IRC
budluvanj786, im usually here
nj786ok, budluva
budluvanj786, and if im not, there are more skilled people in here than me
nj786ok, thankyou budluva
theRealballchalkwho's from New jersey?
|jplastin|I ran Azureus with java5 AND java6 installed
and now it doesn't work
JammasterJayHas anyone successfully installed Skype?
pete_anyone know how to fix gnome-sessions-properties?
actionPelo comes back with cigarettes and chocolate milk and he's keeping it all for himself
Pelocomes back with cigarettes and chocolate milk and he's keeping it all for himself
Pete_, what's the problem ?
BaelrunAnyone have any luck with the Dell TrueMobil 1400? Fiesty recognizes it, it's shown in iwconfig, yet it is flagged as disabled in lshw
pete_i made a change to the gnome-sessions-properties, and now gnome will not load.
PeloPete_, lovely

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