#ubuntu - Mon 30 Apr 2007 between 00:06 and 00:10

natsumeyekiga softphone
c01100011hey, i want to install ubuntu but don't have a blank cd handy. Is there a way to make a bootable usb from completely inside windows
Peloxayon, in fstab just copy another line and just change the partition and the mount point for the one you what to mount
GerroJump86: obviously gnome is most popular with Ubuntu
rootcan anyone help me with the issue of my panels disappearing?
GerroJump86: xfce is pretty popular though if you look at how long its been out
zetsumeihello all
zntneoso no one has any idea why the admin tools crash?
FlacAlright, its possibly just massive user error... But, i recently got both a Mic(headset+mic) and a new soundcard(Soundblaster audigy LS) Running xubuntu. When the volume is cranked all the way up i can tap on the mic and i hear fuzzy feedback, so the mic is somewhat live, but it doesnt function in skype/teamspeak/In game mic tests. Not sure how to even go about narrowing down my possibilite....
zntneowith this error "You are not allowed to access the system configuration."
Flac...Any help would be much appriciated.
Pelo!install > c01100011 check your pm window for links to installation instructions
natsumeycan someone give me a hand, try make call to h323:
dj-fuxayon: doesn't seem to, no
vbabiyshould this work // /mnt/ServerM cifs auto,user,credentials=/etc/vbabiy.mine.nu,rw 0 0
natsumeycan you hear my voice ?
PeloFlac, check i the forum and in this link http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu:Feisty
natsumeyi can hear ur voice
dj-fuanother package must provide the files in /etc/apache2, does anyone know what it is?
Jump86Gerro, what about w/ the linux community in general?
starkruzrcan someone recommend me a BitTorrent client that doesn't suck?
Pelonatsumey, why do you want us to call there ? wouldnT it be better if you asked in a channel with ppl from your area in ?
Chumpnatsumey: my program crash
Patrick_starkruzr, I like freeloader its simple
natsumeynobody familliar with ekiga
Pelostarkruzr, utorrent running on wine ,, or deluge ( it's just starting but promissing)
natsumeyat my area
Chumpnatsumey: and i can't hear anything hehe
starkruzruTorrent doesn't work with your browser though, right?
natsumeyi can hear someone say hi to me
starkruzri.e. you can't say "open this file with uTorrent"
coded62i followed the improved instructions at the bottom of the page http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=338182&highlight=ati+tv+wonder+200 but wat do i do after i have typed in all the commands line by line
natsumeyi'm sure i have a problem with my NAT
cute_bettongack i tryed the ati howto and it just screwed up my computer...no gui im useing irssi can someone please help me i have an ATI Radeon X1300 Pro PCI-E card...can someone please please help me to get my gui back?
GerroJump86: kde gets annoying with its k everything
Pelonatsumey, there is an #ekiga channel , try asking there
natsumeywhich port h323 is using
Pelocoded62, you could have copy/pasted you didnT need to type it all
natsumeyPelo, thanks

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