#ubuntu - Sat 28 Apr 2007 between 00:00 and 00:03

sn0wlingga, here let me find you a guide, give me a second
Music_Shufflewason: ...err...what?
ElectricityCan anyone provide a link to a very good Mac OSX theme for Ubuntu?
hoth676wason: ubuntu is debian which is linux. it all pretty much tastes the same. just some distros decide eo put stuff in one directory or another. for more binary stuff, use 'alien'
wasonis ubuntu used commercially?
shane634wason, why all the odd questions? this info is available on the web mate
wasonshane634: you must be an Oz.
T0lkmanBlueEagle, i just created the /var/cache/apt directory and now all works ;]
techjimhello room. anyone in here get vmware workstation 5 working on fawn? mine stopped working after I upgraded.
shane634wason, i am a truck driver from Indiana if it really matters
Music_Shuffletechjim: tried #vmware? >.>?
wasonAmericans don't say "mate".
PhilHwason, what exactly is it that you want to know, where are the questions going?
|Jason8|wason, I know a few that do!
T0lkmannow the next question, what i need to install for speesteep (prescott) support?
adamowitzanyone know a work-around for https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/syslinux/+bug/79172
Electricity!offtopic wason
ubotuSorry, I don't know anything about offtopic wason - try searching on http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl/factoids.cgi
Electricity!offtopic | wason
ubotuwason: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, #ubuntu+1 supports the development version of Ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!
shane634wason, really mate? i have a number of friends from the UK.. it is a car thing mate
techjimno i haven't tried it
sgtmattbakerI did the 1-2-3 beryl installation method in the feisty wiki and now when I log in it just goes to a white background and I cannot do anything. I have done sudo dkpg-reconfigure xserver-xorg and done sudo apt-get autoremove beryl emerald-themes and still nothing.
sn0wlingga you on ati or nvidia?
shane634wason, and i will no longer respond to your comments
PF|WSTPHow do I delete old kernels from the GRUB loader?
agentnewblingga: ati blows :)
Xenguy.oO(Attention is the currency of IRC...)
T0lkmannow the next question, what i need to install for speesteep (prescott) support?
linggasn0w : i'm using ati
Electricity!ohmy | agentnewb
ubotuagentnewb: Please watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.
wasonPhilH: i want to know if it is worth switching fr debian to ubuntu. besides all the crap, no one has given me a proper answer.
crakdudes, what's the secret to fixing the fonts +UTF-8 (like in mc) via the .bashrc , THERES too much crap on google
Rio79i have an nvidia feforce 5200 and im trying to get the 2nd monitor running... how do i do it?
PF|WSTPHow do I delete old kernels from the GRUB loader?
PhilHwason, we have no idea what you use your machine for, therefore can't help you
Xenguywason: I think it depends on your requirements; what do you want the PC to do?
loco_aulladorhello anyone knows if can be used the 3d acceleration in a ubuntu installed in the vmware?

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