#ubuntu - Wed 25 Apr 2007 between 00:03 and 00:05

gonnaeatthatu oh sorta lol
thats scary
jrib!php > Chicory (see the private message from ubotu)
ferret_0567How do I use the "KVM"?
gonnaeatthatgood thing i didnt do my resume in openoffice lol
Jordan_UJ^zon, I don't know about anyone else but it is confusing for me when you ask questions with /me
delaneywhat package is associated with aclocal
RobbieCrashmattycoze I agree, but its iPod support is crap. If it could handle updating my iPod as well as it plays mp3s I'd use it. But its smart playlists are crap, and it can't sort as well as itunes
hossosormy activation for vista ran out
jribdelaney: automake
hossosori decided to use it as a "hey, let's get really used to linux" time
delaneyjrib, rad thanks
hossosorafter a week, i caved in
gonnaeatthatlol hoss
aperturehas anyone tried loading a 3rd generation iPod?
gonnaeatthati had vista one hour
mikereTarkus: did you get it figured out?
Jordan_URobbieCrash, I think that iTunes runs in wine
hossosori couldn't type a lab report (well) on openoffice
gonnaeatthatand gave the disk to my neighbor
mattycozeRobbieCrash, yeah fair enough - can the iPod use .ogg files?
aperturei can't seem to get it
hossosorre-learning spreadsheets was a fucking bitch
apertureto like. load
tonyyarusso!ohmy | hossosor
ubotuhossosor: Please watch your language and keep this channel family friendly.
aperturemattycoze: no it can't unless you load some other OS onto it
hairulfrhossosor: Oh do shut up.
ferret_0567hossosor : Are you liking Linux in general, not including OpenOffice?
mikerehossosor: why would you need to relearn spreadsheets?
gonnaeatthatim new to linux too
Jordan_Umattycoze, It can if it's running Linux :)
mattycozeaperature gah, that sux
hossosori like linux
rr72how do i change how the hardware clock is set? IE local/zulu
gonnaeatthati must say one thing about ubuntu

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