#ubuntu - Mon 23 Apr 2007 between 00:57 and 00:59

xtknightchamunks, got /home2 made?
Missychernobylrpgfree, i was going to test -15 with the nvididia-new set that just popped up in the repos though since the kernels i have now all seem to have the legacy drivers and i dont know how to fix it. i've heard -15 only works with nvidia-glx-new
slavikmastercactapus: look at the user's .xsession-errors (in home dir) for any clues
BullshirtDante123 the thing is, it was working perfectly on 6.1
SRed13anyone have a how-to for configuring and setting up linux server?
chamunksoops hang on :P
Bullshirtdante laptop
khermansSRed13, there are many
SRed13ubotu, thanks, I know about Samba. I don't know how to interact with my server-box
khermansSRed13, what is the purpose of your server?
chamunksxtknight, sorry yeah it is
khermansSRed13, ssh ?
SRed13To stream files, khermans
pppoe_dude!ubotu | SRed13
ubotuSRed13: I am ubotu, all-knowing infobot. You can browse my brain at http://bots.ubuntulinux.nl - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots
nrdbkhermans: thanks for your help :) its working great :)
jason0_Anyone know what font is featured in the murrina screenshots?
khermansSRed13, streaming media?
nrdb, no prob :-)
xtknightchamunks, ok now "sudo mkdir /home2/tempuser"
Dante123Okay...well I have had some issues with my netgear wg111v2 usb since moving from 6.1 to 7.04....just trying to get all of the details to see if any similarities Bullshirt
liquiddoomI'm installing XP with qemu, but it seems to hang on installing devices. I tried restarting, but it seems to freeze again. Should I be more patient?
chernobylrpgfreeMissy: it all comes together now ;) I got my nv card when I already had -17, and had to go through the mess we discussed earlier. If 15 is freezing your system, just skip it. I assume that you've since been "infected" with the OS drivers for 13 then?
BullshirtDante123 I see, have you tried anything?
SRed13First off, how can I check to see if ther servers wireless card is working?
mastercactapus"GnomeUI-WARNING **: While connecting to session manager: IO error occured opening connection."
chamunksxtknight, yeah thats done now
slavikmastercactapus: that's the only error?
bofh80xtknight, still hard at it lol? surely you should be an op by now lol :P
SRed13ok, PING works. Well, I know the command exists. Network is unreachable.
chernobylrpgfreemastercactapus: have you changed the permissions of the /home folder or your home folder?
BullshirtDante123 I can see the network and everything but it wont let me connect
Selenolycus_Question: For a dual-boot machine, having installed Ubuntu first, is it very difficult to install GNOME by itself properly, or reconfigure the Windows OS selection so Ubuntu is a boot option?
xtknightchamunks, now "sudo adduser tempuser --home=/home/tempuser"
bofh80, :O
Selenolycus_I know it's not as easy as installing Windows first.
xtknightchamunks, oops
Dante123well.....I tried lots of things....ended up putting in a cheaper usb adapter I had...and it seems to be working okay.....the thing in the netgear one was that I had TWO adapters show up one was wmaster0 and the other wlan0 or something like that.....

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