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hendrixskiLunar_Lamp: ah. I guess there are fewer countries where breaking copryight protestcion is illegal than countries where it's illegal to break patents
actioncurbspaget cries
qebabI'll try my luck again: Does anyone know how to get rid of the HTTP Cache Cleaner that constantly pops up on my taskbar?
bruenigIndyGunFreak, your logic is flawed. I can show windows and automatix to be fundamentally flawed such that it opens it up for failure. You can say in your experience it didn't happen, but that doesn't address the theoretical issues. Either address the theoretical issues or you really aren't doing anything more than my windows analogy.
regressthat's cool, how can you get it to come back up once it's sent to the background
wastrelregress: ctrl-z is, however my preferred method of quitting emacs (whenever i'm bored/dumb enough to open it :)
ceegwhat do I do if sudo broke over SSH?
deConanyone know how to edit the "Places" menu?
bianconeriHello I need some help on wireless
hendrixskiLunar_Lamp: bruenig: There area few legal DVD programs though, right? I think Linspire comes with one.
wastrelqebab: i think that's a kde thing (?)
hendrixskibianconeri: what's your current wireless situation?
bruenighendrixski, linspire pays for it I think, I know some of them have
alex_what are you trying to edit
i mean how?
qebabyeah, I searched it at ubuntuforums, and tried the method to get rid of it, which didn't work ):
I think it's caused by AmaroK updating my last.fm page
wastrelqebab: maybe the good folks on #kubuntu know something ?
Lunar_Lamphendrixski, last I checked ( a couple of months ago) for the end user there wasn't anything *yet* though there was a company, (fluendo?) planning on providing a paid player.
Derek_RussoHi everyone, I have kind of a strange problem. While I'm watching movies with gxine, the movie keeps going blcak for a second and then coming back
qebabI'll try that, thank you
alex_system/prefrences/menues and toolbars
kneeki|afkI hate Mesa SO much
I cannot figure out how to get Direct Rendering working =\
ubotuDon't ask to ask a question. Just ask your question :)
dimas__bruenig<<to i had install "genious webcam" but cause it wasnt working good i did change it for "creative live vista" i did install all source of drivers spca5xx, gspca, vo51x and the PC recognize the genious webcam but not the other one what sould i do? it saids "could not get connection to device"
hendrixskiLunar_Lamp: Cool. I'll look for fluendo... I'm interested to see how much media stuff can be done on linux without breaking the law
Chocobo_how do u execute a shell script?
JebJoyahey, I'm having some issues installing my wireless card, have a Linksys card with BCM4303 802.11b chipset, running Edgy Eft, followed instructions on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx/Edgy to no avail (specifically since I have no internet on linux but do on WinXP)
bruenigdimas__, I don't know webcam
JebJoyaAnyone got any ideas?
IndyGunFreakbruenig, you said it yourself... dictionary.com "theoretical"- 1. of, pertaining to, or consisting in theory; not practical (distinguished from applied).
alex_decon.... u get it
kneekiWell, I've tried using the ATI drivers from the site, didn't work. Tried using the Ubuntu drivers, still not working
IndyGunFreak2. existing only in theory; hypothetical.
3. given to, forming, or dealing with theories; speculative.
bruenigchocobo_, make sure it is executable with: chmod +x scriptname, and then run it with ./scriptname

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