#ubuntu - Sun 25 Mar 2007 between 01:40 and 01:44

WinXpProand could bring the channel to a Screeching halt
Mulderwill feisty be LTS ?
xprimarysuspectxwow win, your a scary guy!
WinXpProbut i wont
da-vinciMez why isn't the ubuntu sold alongwith the full packages
Talamanscreensavers anyone?
evolipelI have one of those laptops with the little button on the left side to enable it
regeyabobo: WinXpPro, depsite having a caustic nic, is a human, which is what ubuntu is for. if y'all are going to start banning "stupid" people, I've been hearing that OpenSUSE is nice.
pike_Mulder: nope
evolipeland I've done the whole acerhk thing (for acer hotkeys), so it works
and I don't think that's the problem
regeyayou are a human, aren't you WinSrev
Squillisis there an alternative to network-manager that support static ips?
evolipelbut I'm trying to configure it, but it won't connect
Mulderpike_, hmm. ok. how long will LTS release cycles be? every 5 years?
puffphasegen: Can you be more specific?
SeveredCrossFeisty will be LTS as soon as the next version after Feisty comes out?
evolipeland yes, it can scan the various access points and give them correctly
tonyyarussoSeveredCross: no.
puffphasegen: Btw, I don't use any of these file sharing app myself, so I'm running out ofs uggestions.
joneswhat is the best widget type program?
phasegenpuff: where can I paste to?
SeveredCrossAha. I had no idea.
beg1689widget type program?
SeveredCrossI figured releases usually went to LTS status as soon as the next release came out.
jonesi have seen gdesklets an screenlets but dont know what works best in gnome
SeveredCrossphasegen: http://paste.ubuntu-nl.com
regeyaand we seem to be getting rid of stupid people now...damn, I really don't want to switch distributions, but if ubuntu is going all debian on me, well, I refuse to use debian because the userbase/support/dev team is hostile and juvenile. guess it's time to research the current linux distro scene.
pike_evolipel: yeah make sure the switch is on so you can transmit. what does 'sudo iwconfig eth1 essid whateverAPname; sudo dhclient eth1' say? where eth1 is whatever your device name is.
xprimarysuspectxive looked through the ubntu sound roums a bit, but i specifically need help with a x-fi card. creative isnt supporting linux with this card currently, i would like to know if any info on a hack/workaround/magictrick is available? helps appreciated
Talamancheck out linux.org
jairpike_: and the rest
Talamanthere are a few other distros i was going to look into
jairmy problem was solved :)

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