#ubuntu - Wed 21 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:03

briguydbrent, ok, thanks
OmnipotentEntityAs you don't have to deal with dependancies and the like that way.
wweaselbruenig: ca.archive.ubuntu.org ?
bruenigwweasel, it is pinging
wweasel, .com
Flannelbriguyd: They'd have to be on different ports.
OmnipotentEntityAlso do you need it to start up before or after you log in?
brent|Amon|: do this, install all the gstreamer-0.10-plugins packages
arrenlexbruenig: grep ^deb /etc/apt/sources.list | awk '{print $2}' | cut -d . -f 2
bruenigarrenlex, yeah I just learned cut today
Flannelbriguyd: but, you don't put virtualhosts in httpd.conf, put them in sites-enabled
|Amon|sudo apt-get install gstreamer-0.10-plugins ?
briguydFlannel, ok, thanks
ravi_masteroh yeah, guys, I live in VA, is there a way to get faster server for me?
bruenigarrenlex, except it is cutting off the country code
brent|Amon|: no, type gstreamer-0.10-plugins into synaptic
bruenigit is starting at archive
not us
arrenlexbruenig: Then try -f 1. I don't even run ubuntu, I have no idea how the heck the sources are formatted.
wweaselbruenig: right. tried it, am in canada, not working as a repository
brent|Amon|: you'll see ...ugly ...ugly-multiverse ...bad ...bad-multiverse
_Falkon_I'm not able to download updates. Is anyone else having this problem, or do you know how to fix it?
brent|Amon|: install all of those
bruenigarrenlex, cut is garbage, its idea of a field is a joke
InfohawkIs there a quick way to switch all us servers to canadian servers in sources.list?
FlannelInfohawk: sure, open it up, change all the "us." to "ca.". Shouldn't take more than 20 seconds.
brentInfohawk: search/replace with gedit
ravi_masterguys, for the last time, can the repo list be refined to state by state mirrors for the US?
arrenlexbruenig: I'm not sure what to say to that. Are you saying you don't like the command because you're too good for it?
IcemanV9Infohawk: make a few copy of sources.list to your home directory .. one for us servers, other for ca servers
bruenigsed 's/\/us./\/ca./g' -i /etc/apt/sources.list will do
InfohawkHow do you launch gedit as su?
|Amon|brent, never used synaptic before...
mhfsarrenlex, I owe you one! =)
bruenigarrenlex, no when I was messing with it today it did the same thing
Flannelravi_master: The repos list can be refined to a specific mirror. So, if you have a state mirror, you can use it.
arrenlexmhfs: It worked?
FlannelInfohawk: yes, gksu
IcemanV9Infohawk: then copy one of those to /etc/apt ... then you're done

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