#ubuntu - Wed 14 Mar 2007 between 00:00 and 00:04

xtknightaldeswari, ahh following a howto?
hanasakiwill apt-get go away and just aptitude in the future?
bruenigthiesen, it mounts all the things in your fstab
zeroskel: no. I am absolutely 100% noob to this
aldeswarikind of yeah. it seems though everytime i try to install i'm missing libwxgtk2.6-0 or some other package
xtknightaldeswari, heh yeah it can be a pain but you'll get through it
sorry all gotta go
Thiesenbruenig: ok... I did sudo mount -a so is everything changed now??
skelZero: hehe ok.
xtknighti can't..possibly...do it any longer
bruenigthiesen, go see, is it in /media/windows
AlbertKis there a howto available for how to install themes in ubuntu properly? (f.e. www.ubuntu-look.org)
xtknightMadDog011, good luck with the nvidia thing. just ask the same question as you did (perfectly phrased btw). youll get a response one of these days im sure heh
zeroat least I'm honest. I am sick of windows and I just want something I can learn on
Thiesenbruenig: you're a god... :-) that was easy...
brueniga god indeed
jribdougsko: I knew I had seen documentation somewhere: http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/debian-faq/ch-customizing.en.html#s-diverse heh
AlbertKwindows isn't too bad at all, it's just the corporate background that makes the whole thing sickeningly evil ;)
dougskojrib: cool man, thanks
skelZero: I hear ya :) the software repository in ubuntu is really nice. there's not much you can't find.. though it may not always be to your liking
bruenigwindows isn't too bad.... what are you smoking
Thiesenbruenig: I didn't even have to deactivate ntfs-3g... it just worked... :-)
zeroskel: it's better than Vista.
Sonic_13how do I share a printer in ubuntu with windows xp computers?
skelplease don't troll bruenig
AlbertKfor my mother f.e.
bruenigskel, you need to wikipedia troll
I don't think I could be called a troll bashing windows in a linux channel
jason_wiicould someone with a gmail account send an invite to mail1240476@lawrabbit.com i want to get an account
Sonic_13Wii rocks!
jribjason_wii: ok
Hydr0p0nXdidn't think you need an invite anymore
Sonic_13you can get an account via text message @ jason_wii
if you have text messaging
jason_wiii don't
jesusphreakhello; if I am running an older core duo macbook, do I want the x86 version of ubuntu or the 64-bit?

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